Editorial | Take care during Dads Weekend

Dear dads …

Dads Weekend is a time for families to reconnect. Understanding the time shared is more about family connection than party festivities is important.

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Fathers visiting this upcoming weekend need to act as adults. While a visit back to a college campus, especially for alumni, can feel like a trip back in time, parents on campus are still required to act like the wiser bunch. Although this weekend can serve as a time to embrace your inner college student, be conscientious of the increased risks during your time spent here.

Going out with your child and choosing to drink is entirely your own decision. However, if you choose to do so, you must realize that your actions have consequences. Buying alcohol for those underage will surely put a damper on the weekend’s festivities, and it’s widely  known that every year cops ramp up raiding bars on this particular weekend. Additionally, public intoxication and driving under the influence are equally large risks that many college students seldom consider.

As the parental figure, fathers shouldn’t be putting themselves or their child in a risky situation. While alcohol can often be a prime source for risky behavior, the sheer excitement of the weekend can sometimes take over. Remember that while on campus it is important to remain appropriate.

To the kids…

Control your dads.

At the end of the day, that’s all we can ask.

Every year, Dads Weekend is a time to have fun with visiting family members. Often, the weekend festivities include a trip to the bars. During this, time fathers may try to relive the golden days. While having fun with your parents is one thing, getting in trouble with them by your side is another.

Dads Weekend is prime time for fathers to fall into the trap of trying to appeal to the younger generation, and this can put people in uncomfortable situations. Understand that, while it’s encouraged to embrace the University culture, parents will be hotly targeted by police in the case that they provide alcohol to those who are underage.

Plenty of organized events are planned around campus for the weekend, and while we should definitely take advantage of what the different organizations have to offer, hitting the bars is inevitable. Have fun and let loose with your parents, but be conscientious of law enforcement and other families around you.