Letter to the Editor | Increase alcohol awareness on campus


By Mark Myers

One of the most enticing things about coming to college was the freedom I gained by moving away from my family at home. Being able to do as you please without the repercussions that may come from your parents seems great at first. However, being away from support structures can have negative consequences on a student’s well-being.

Without having your parents or friends to keep you on your best behavior at college, it can lead students to behavior that can deteriorate their physical and mental health. These behaviors include alcohol and drug abuse. In general, substance abuse at universities all over the country has become the norm when attending college. It has become socially acceptable on college campuses to binge-drink alcohol not only on the weekends, but even on weekdays. The way college culture currently stands causes students to feel it is okay to drink alcohol often. The biggest problem that lies within substance abuse issue at colleges is the negative effect that it can have on a person’s physical and mental health.

A specific way this problem can be addressed is by making meetings for alcohol awareness courses once a year instead of once throughout all four years. The way alcohol abuse courses are structured at the moment is flawed because it allows students to get through it easily without giving their full attention. If universities can start to find more effective ways to get students through alcohol abuse courses, then we might see a change in the culture of drinking at college.

Mark is a junior in ACES.