Take life with a pair of Crocs

By Abby Weber, Columnist

If you’re looking for some walking comic relief, look no further than the greatest gift comedy has ever given the world: Crocs! A comfortable, practical alternative to the traditional shoe, Crocs offer a world of color and irony to the feet of wearers everywhere. But, “they’re ugly,” you say to yourself. Well, life’s ugly so why not enjoy an ugly pair of shoes with it?

Crocs have always had a controversial place in fashion, but in recent years the number of young wearers has been on the rise. Why, you might ask? It could be for comfort or practicality, or it could be because younger generations are developing a sense of humor toward the standard societal and beauty expectations that have been imposed upon them.

Ironically, wearing something traditionally seen as ugly can be a way to start a conversation with someone new, to bond with a group of friends, or to simply make someone laugh. Seeing a pair of bright, yellow Crocs in a sea of gym shoes or high heels is no doubt going to bring a smile to someone else’s face. Imagine walking into KAM’s with your bright orange and blue Crocs. No doubt, you’ll be showered in free drinks and love from everyone around you.

People seem to bond through the ugliness of Crocs. A pair of Crocs sparks a reminder of childhood in a lot of people. The familiar colors and charms attached to the top, also known as Jibbitz, evoke memories of a simpler, more carefree time in many young people’s lives. This reminiscence mixed with the visual humor that Crocs offer is the perfect combination to spark an ugly shoe revolution.    

I recently got a pair of Crocs for the sole purpose of making myself laugh and brightening my friends’ day. Walking into a room in a pair of Crocs is like walking onto a comedy club stage without having to say a word. You’ll get a few gasps, a few eye rolls, but most importantly, a lot of chuckles from some unsuspecting onlookers.

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Crocs carry with them an important message: don’t take life too seriously. What if the phrase wasn’t “take life with a grain of salt,” but “take life with a pair of Crocs?” In a society driven by appearance and social status, it’s easy to get wrapped up in looking and acting as you are told. Wearing a pair of Crocs can be an important reminder to yourself to do what makes you comfortable and happy.

Putting your best foot forward in a pair of Crocs is just a little way to remember that taking a risk that ends up uglier than planned can still be rewarding in the end.

Abby is a sophomore in LAS.

[email protected]