Opinion | Tik Tok monopolizes teens’ time


Graphic Courtesy of ByteDance

The logo of the video creation app, “TikTok”.

By Evelyn Delgado, Columnist

If you are just another college student looking to pass the time in between classes, Tik Tok is just the app. Tik Tok is a social media platform where its users can watch, share and create short videos. These videos can range from dance routines, POV videos, cosplay videos and the latest trends or memes. 

From my experience as a watcher, I could easily binge hundreds of these short videos in an hour or two without realizing it. And I bet others can relate, too. This app has become my favorite form of entertainment, and it has been for months. The variety and range of content on the app catches young people in a web of addiction.   

For those that miss Vine, another (dead) platform for short video creators, Tik Tok is very similar, possibly even better. The admiration of funny and random videos continues with Tik Tok.  

So what’s so great about this app that so many adolescents have contributed to its huge popularity? It’s best to take a dive at its content.

The more you scroll down the “For You” page, the more the randomness of the next video grabs your attention. Sometimes it feels as if a single six second video can have you satisfied and laughing harder than a regular episode of a Netflix show or movie. Always something new to catch the viewer’s eye. 

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    The algorithm of the app is another factor. The way that the app works is through scrolling down to videos that are recommended for you to watch — making each video a personal and effective experience. You’ll find yourself hearting videos you love which makes similar ones pop up, which keeps you scrolling. 

    Tik Tok also encourages everyone to become a creator. Those looking to share their creativity have the ability to make videos with filters and sounds at their disposal. With the countless number of users, one can only hope their video “blows up” and surfaces on the “For You” page of others. It is commonly known that those whose videos gain attention and followers in a short period of time have “hype.” Because the youth is focused on having these viral moments on the internet, it incentivizes content creators to continually produce more in order to stay afloat. 

    The excessive use of the app by teens is due to the experience you find yourself in while watching videos. To some, it can be like hearing a story or joke from a friend through a screen. It’s even more exciting when you acknowledge that the people on your feed are from all around the world. Interestingly enough, Tik Tok is like any other social media platform, it allows the youth to be part of an active outlet where you can feel part of a community that just keeps getting bigger.

    Overall, I think that the obsession over Tik Tok has led our generation to get carried away. My peers who use the app and I often call ourselves “addicted.” While it’s mainly used for entertainment, for anyone who wants to watch videos and laugh whenever, it also consumes our time. “Tik-tok,” is the sound of a clock, alluding to how fast time passes when you’re on the app.

    Evelyn is a freshman in DGS.

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