To staff, leaders, readers: Thank you

By Kelly Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

During my time as editor-in-chief, I have many people who have worked with me, taught me, criticized me and praised me. Every single person has impacted me and how I run the newspaper, and as this is my last paper as editor-in-chief, I wanted to take the time to thank the people who have helped me through this time. Here are my thank you notes.

The most important thank you I have to give is to my staff. The paper would literally be nothing without them. They traded going to the bars for covering protests, working on their homework for editing stories, even their mental stability a few more times than they would like to say to make sure we always had a paper come Monday and Thursday.

I want to thank the professors who have taken the time to critique us and give us their insight. They have helped us become better as paper, even if, at the time, we couldn’t see it.

I want to thank the professional staff that works at The Daily Illini. While we are a student-run newspaper, we would not be able to run without them. Our staff changes every year, but the professional staff doesn’t. They are a constant here at Illini Media Company, and the potential for our success would not be possible without them.

Thank you to my family for the hours they have spent listening to me cry about DI, laugh about it and be proud of it. Thank you to all The DI families. From supporting your students or friends who work here, you help us run just as much as if you were writing here.

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    I want to thank everyone who has been featured in an article. Whether you were a source, your RSO was featured in some way or your photo is in The DI. We need people like you to be in the story for us to have sources and be able to fully tell each story.

    Lastly, thank you to the readers. We could not and would not print our paper or have a website if you guys weren’t here. Thank you for caring. Thank you for wanting to stay informed and supporting student media.

    Thank you.

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