Opinion | Find joy in nostalgia this holiday season

By Rayna Wuh, Columnist

With COVID-19 cases increasing all across the United States, the holiday season certainly looks different this year. While many regular seasonal activities may be off the table, there are still several responsible and safe ways to stay entertained.

During the first lockdown, my family dusted off our Nintendo Wii and revived games that had not seen light in several years. With the weather getting colder, these games were front and center over Thanksgiving break.

Revisiting childhood favorites has continued to spark carefree joy during a time where it has otherwise been absent.

“Wii Sports” and “Wii Sports Resort” are true classics. While travel should generally be avoided, “Wii Sports Resort” can turn any home into a vacation spot stacked with activities from swordplay to wakeboarding. The range in activities both games offer means anyone can find their niche.

My “Mario Kart” abilities are subpar at best. I am prone to falling off the racetracks into lava, water or whatever lies at the bottom of Mushroom Gorge. I get stuck behind walls, bushes and trees. I even find myself going backward sometimes.

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However, my low aptitude for the game makes the wins more satisfying, and the losses more amusing. For those who can actually play the game, like my siblings, there is excitement in unlocking or re-unlocking new characters, cars and cups.

“Just Dance” is my personal favorite. Between the throwback music, fierce competition and rigorous exercise, it is difficult to find fault in this game. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could still perform many of the dances almost entirely from muscle memory.

It can be difficult to find activities for my whole family to enjoy together, especially considering the difference in ages. Additionally, the chaotic nature of the typical holiday season paired with my family members’ conflicting schedules makes finding time to spend together a challenge.

However, this year, something as simple as bringing out an old gaming console has allowed us to slow down, take a breath and cherish some of the extra time we have together. It is comforting to rediscover something that brought you joy in the past.

Times are exceedingly difficult right now, but a bit of nostalgia can go far in bringing glad tidings of holiday cheer.

Being stuck at home is far from easy, but right now it is a necessity. Especially since many of us are not returning to campus until the beginning of spring semester, if at all, we might as well take advantage of this extra time. If you get the chance, take a trip to the back of the closet and see what hidden gems you can uncover.

Rayna is a freshman in LAS.
[email protected]