Opinion | Traveling does not need to be expensive

By Chiara Awatramani, Columnist

With summer vacation approaching, the dream of traveling appears in many of our minds. From camping in Wisconsin to swimming in Florida, traveling appeals to many due to the change in scenery and pace of life. It’s been a hard year for us all and many students want a trip to reset and refresh their worn-out minds.

One of the major obstacles while traveling is the cost. Not only does it cost money for accommodations, flights, gas, food and other necessities, but traveling also removes earning potential at one’s job. Because of this, many find it difficult to set time aside for any traveling adventures. However, there are many ways to work around traveling costs so that many of us can get well-deserved rest. 

The first and easiest way to travel with minimal expense would be to explore your own hometown or somewhere nearby. For instance, for many from Chicago, exploring different parts of the city or finding new activities like ax-throwing or sailing can be as life-changing as traveling out of state. In this way, a student can maintain a job and save on transportation costs while still enjoying new experiences and the thrill of new places. 

For some, the urge to get out of their hometown is the sole purpose of traveling. Driving, instead of flying, to nearby states like Wisconsin, Michigan or even Kentucky can easily save you a couple of bucks, especially if you are traveling with more people. Also, camping can help save money on living expenses. Most camping plots go for as low as ten dollars a night.  These types of trips are perfect for weekends or short getaways — limiting missed workdays at a student’s job. 

Some, like myself, love the sea and ocean. Buying flights early is one easy way to save hundreds of dollars on tickets to places like California or Florida. Flying into big airports like LAX or Fort Lauderdale will also save you a pretty penny. To make up for the lost wages, students can try to find online gigs as tutors or in sales. 

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Although domestic travel is often cheaper, international travel can sometimes be comparable. For instance, buying international flights six or more months before your trip can save you hundreds of dollars. Many people find the need to live in a hotel or Airbnb in an unknown country, however, in many places, living in a hostel or even camping can save upwards of thirty dollars a night. 

The misconception of traveling being expensive hinders many people from going on new adventures; adventures that are remembered for a lifetime. Spending wisely and planning a trip can aid people in achieving their dreams of traveling to places near and far. 

Chiara is a freshman in LAS.

[email protected]