Perspective | A reflection of Guy Carelton Wiggins’s ‘Wall Street, New York’


Photo Courtesy of Guy Carleton Wiggins

The painting Wall Street, New York was made in 1945. It shows a snowy day in New York with the road covered in white fluffy snow.

By Brianna DiCicco

The lights of the buildings twinkle in the distance 

A soft yellow light, providing a sense of warmth to the cold, winter air  

Dark buildings stand tall, like giants amongst a white sky, granting protection from the flurry of snow while looming overhead  

People bustle about, all heading on separate paths  


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    But, just for a moment, a quick snapshot of time, they all come together in a single frame  


    And all is still  


    And all is quiet  


    And there is a moment of silence amidst the chaos

    Brianna is a part of the English Student Council and a junior in LAS.

    [email protected]