Opinion | John Mulaney’s upcoming special will redefine him 


Photo Courtesy of Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for NRDC/TNS

John Mulaney performs onstage at NRDC’s “Night of Comedy” Benefit, in partnership with Discovery, Inc. hosted by Seth Meyers, on April 30, 2019, in New York City. Columnist Caroline Tadla believes Mulaney’s new comedy special “From Scratch” will redefine his career.

By Caroline Tadla, Columnist

John Mulaney’s next comedy special “From Scratch,” is his most important one yet. 

People are upset with Mulaney. After he divorced publicly adored Annamarie Tendler and swiftly started a relationship with the controversial Olivia Munn, many fans feel betrayed. Thus, Mulaney’s next comedy special “From Scratch” establishes a fresh era.  

To make matters even more intense, the new couple is expecting a baby. So, why is such great news receiving finger wags from lifelong supporters? One reason is because of girlfriend Munn’s rocky reputation.

Munn has been the topic of controversy on many occasions, being called things like “sexist” and “fatphobic,” mainly due to remarks she made in her book “Suck It, Wonder Woman!”

Another concern amongst Mulaney fans is regarding the comedian’s ongoing battle with drug addiction. Mulaney has struggled for several years, but as things took a turn for the worse in December, he checked himself into rehab. Spending 60 days there, Mulaney has returned to the public eye.

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While many fans are supplying sympathies and are proud of his progress, there are still several who are disappointed with his drug usage in the first place. However, the crucial reason countless followers are upset with Mulaney is that they erroneously idolize him.

It’s the fans’ fault for unfairly turning Mulaney into the golden boy of standup comedy — a title he never wanted nor claimed. Numerous fans rely on him to be a perfect comedian: morally impeccable, consistently hilarious.

Likewise, while transparent about his struggles with drug addiction on stage, fans still expected Mulaney to be a wholesome family man: An image that was shattered this year.

For Mulaney to recover his golden image, he must provide the people with an explanation. Specifically, he owes admirers answers over his insinuated acceptance of Munn’s peculiar behavior and the split from Tendler.

However, marital drama is not the only thing haunting Mulaney as he faces the release of his special, but also the enormous standards he has set for himself with wildly successful past specials such as “New in Town,” “The Comeback Kid” and “Kid Gorgeous.” Moreover, considering all the tension that has been surrounding Mulaney recently, the public eye is watching more than ever.

“From Scratch” represents a fresh start for the comedian — symbolized within the title. The special is a sign of hope for both himself and his fans. This is precisely why “From Scratch” needs to achieve more than just laughs. This upcoming special needs to reestablish his public image, in whichever manner Mulaney wishes to present it.

Caroline is a freshman in Media.

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