Opinion | Appreciate campus’ beauty technology free

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist

No one can argue we live in a predominantly digital world. Whether we use our devices for social media, school, work, business or anything else, they play a critical role in our lives.

In many ways, they’ve conquered our lives too, especially here at the University. Each day, when I walk through campus, I notice something that’s been a common occurrence since first moving to campus: Everyone is on their devices — especially when they’re walking or riding a bike on campus.

Who knows what they could be doing, but they should look up every once in a while and notice campus for everything it is.

The University is no doubt a wonderful location for higher education. It’s also a fantastic place filled with breathtaking landscapes, beautiful architecture and all-around spectacular scenery. Why wouldn’t you want to look up from your device?

Have you ever noticed the peaceful waters of Boneyard Creek in the North Quad? Have you looked down into the courtyard of the Undergraduate Library? Have you gazed in awe at the castle-like structure that is Altgeld Hall?

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If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re on the right track. If not, maybe you should stay off of your device for a while. Moreover, there’s something always happening on campus.

Have you ever listened to the drumline practice in front of the Harding Band Building? Have you watched a Harry Potter-inspired Quidditch game in the South Quad? Have you received free coffee in front of the Illini Union on Fridays?

There’s an extensive environment to see and participate in on campus. Why spend your time with your nose in your device when there’s a whole world of possibilities around you? You just have to look up.

Sure, I’ve been a victim of this as well, but then I realized, we are granted a limited time here at the University. As such, I don’t want to waste mine buried in my device.

Instead, I’d rather tuck it away and notice the wonderful campus and its community surrounding me. The messages and social media can wait.

Whenever possible, pretend your device doesn’t work for a while and see how long you can live without it. When you do, you’ll notice the commendable campus we are all privileged to call our location for higher education, our home.

Noah is a senior in Media.

[email protected]