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Student carries a a pack of seltzers to a party on Mar 6, 2020. Columnist Noah Nelson gives some partying advice in having a safe and great night out.

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist

One aspect of social life at the University is drinking alcohol. This comes along with attending parties and visiting campus bars, among many others, all the while trying to stay safe.

During my time at the University, I have taken part in this type of social life on campus. Now, as a senior, I don’t call myself an expert in this subject matter, but I know how to play the game.

If you ever find yourself regretting last night’s party due to a pounding headache, body weakness or the occasional case of vomit, take the following tips with a grain of salt. They have all immensely helped me and there’s no doubt they might help you too:


One of the major reasons students tend to feel weak the morning after going out or even the night of is because they probably didn’t hydrate. Drinking water before and during your night out on campus might just be what prevents you from having a night you don’t want to remember.

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On the nights I go out, I drink nothing but water day of. This helps me not only to drink more, but it prevents me from having any headaches or weakness the next day. Likewise, have a few sips or a glass of water along with every drink.

Eat beforehand

Alcohol causes the body to want food in its system when there isn’t much. This is why it’s vital to eat before your night out on campus.

Don’t limit yourself to a small or large meal, either. You want to keep it simple yet filling like a simple sandwich or a couple of slices of pizza. 

Power nap

Alcohol tends to make us sleepy when we’ve had too many drinks. Don’t worry, I’ve been here too. That’s why it’s crucial to take a power nap sometime in the afternoon before you plan to go out.

Like eating beforehand, you want to keep it in the middle. Don’t nap for five minutes or even three hours long. A good sweet spot is anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour. No more; no less.

Pregame your pregame

A personal favorite: Since I began my journey in the drinking world, I learned that pregaming your pregame is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Most college parties have pregames. This is fine, but you’ll want to drink something beforehand. When you do, you’ll still drink cheaply at pregames but, fortunately, you’re less likely to spend money on overpriced bar drinks.

There is always — as I’m accustomed to — the option to pregame the pregame’s pregame. This is a lot, but they are some of my favorite nights on campus. Moreover, I pregame with one or two drinks while watching live concert footage on YouTube or playing acoustic guitar.

Always bring money for post-party food

Because you pregamed and have saved money on overpriced bar drinks, you should then have enough funds for post-party food. Since you’ll be out late, normally the only Campustown restaurants open are McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

They are some of my favorites and, occasionally, nothing in life tastes better than a warm McDouble after an extensive night of drinking.

If you wish for a fun night, there’s Merry Ann’s Diner. It’s a little ways from campus, but nothing says two in the morning like a nice, hot plate of breakfast.

Pick your poison

College is a great time in life to experience and try new things. This goes along with drinking alcohol too.

No matter the enjoyment or displeasure from partying, there will be some drinks you spit out immediately, some you will tolerate and others that’ll be your go-to. When you pick your poison, your night will be much more fun because you’re drinking something you enjoy.

If a cup of alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, there’s nothing wrong with that. These aforementioned tips have provided me with improved partying and magnified entertainment. I’ve prevented myself from making huge mistakes I didn’t have to pay for the subsequent morning.

Wherever you go, whatever you drink, I wish you nothing but good times, great memories and most importantly safety for yourself — cheers.


Noah is a senior in Media.

[email protected]