Opinion | Timothée Chalamet replaces Leonardo DiCaprio as new heartthrob

By Caroline Tadla, Columnist

With recent releases of sci-fi blockbuster “Dune” alongside the quirky and delightful “French Dispatch,” Timothée Chalamet has transformed fall into “Chalamet season,” making one reflect upon his career at this climactic time.

Likewise, a career that mirrors Chalamet’s rise is Hollywood’s last “poster boy” Leonardo DiCaprio.

The similarities between Chalamet and DiCaprio are uncanny, beginning with the heart-wrenching love stories that skyrocketed them to stardom. Chalamet first met the public eye through his role as Elio Perlman in “Call Me by Your Name” while DiCaprio rose to fame through his role as Jack Dawson in “Titanic.”

Both fully embraced an era of filmmaking that accentuated their talent and beauty, encouraging the two to take on a great deal in a short period. Chalamet’s roles in “Little Women” and “Lady Bird” mirror those before it, like DiCaprio’s Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet.” 

However, as Chalamet begins to take on big-budget blockbusters like Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune,” the resemblance grows even stronger. Shifting from smaller budget indie films to action-packed blockbusters is reminiscent of DiCaprio as he took on more sensational roles such as Cobb in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.”

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Furthermore, Chalamet’s role in the upcoming “Wonka,” a film he has recently teased a promo for on his Instagram and is set to be released in 2023, could be equivalent to DiCaprio’s striking portrayal of a literary classic with “The Great Gatsby.” Both films are a remake of a famous and beloved story, relying heavily on the leading men. 

The only question is, what is to be expected of Chalamet’s golden era? What will his “Wolf of Wall Street” be, and will he ever be able to achieve the heights of acclaim that DiCaprio possesses? Only time will tell.

However, the similarities go beyond just the two’s filmographies. Parallels are also present within Chalamet and DiCaprio’s cultural impact.

As young actors, the stars’ boyish charms and luscious locks had audiences in a chokehold. “It Boys” of their generation, Chalamet can be found on Gen Z bedroom posters across the nation such as Millennials’ fascination with DiCaprio.

Modern headlines like “What Timothée Chalamet’s Birthchart Reveals about the Heartthrob” and “The King on Netflix Review: A Perfect Movie for Timothée Chalamet’s Cheekbones,” written by The New York Post and Decider.com, reflect his “boy crazy” cult following, much like that of DiCaprio in the late 90s.

The pair have also been known to impeccably sport the fashion of their times. DiCaprio’s classically handsome red carpet looks set the 90s tone while Chalamet’s adventurous style continues to pave the wave for future trends.

Chalamet and Dicaprio’s overlap is a tale of history repeating itself — where DiCaprio passes the stardom torch to Chalamet. The case of these two shows the true nature of show business and how one star dimming makes way for another shining.

Caroline is a freshman in Media.

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