Opinion | What do you think about UGL moving?


Sydney Laput

Amir Dadar, freshman in AHS, talks about his opinion about the decommissioning of the UGL.

By Nick Johnson and Axel Almanza

The Undergraduate Library, or UGL, is a capstone of the Main Quad, providing undergraduate students with a vital study location in the heart of campus. Due to a massive University Library renovation initiative, the University plans to close the UGL in fall 2022 and convert it to a dedicated special collections facility, along with plans to repurpose the Main Library as more of an accessible study spot.

The following quotes from current students illuminate some concerns held by the student population about the University’s plans for the UGL.

Valentina López, senior in LAS

“I think it’s really sad that the UGL is being decommissioned. I feel like it’s been a very big part of my undergraduate experience — I go there and study a lot, and I feel like there aren’t many good study places that are going to be left on that side of campus.”

Ibrahim Siddiqui, freshman in LAS

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    “After hearing the news about the UGL, I’m going to be quite heartbroken because when I first came here, I wasn’t really familiar with campus. My dorm is right by the UGL — within a walking distance — so I’d always go there and study. It was kind of like my safe spot on campus, so it hurts to hear that they’re removing it.”

    Janay Fuentes, senior in LAS

    “I’m pretty upset that the UGL is being decommissioned. The UGL is one of those quiet spaces that you can always rely on being open for you — there aren’t really any spaces like that anymore. The Union’s too loud, and the UGL has that cozy library atmosphere.”

    Andres Vasquez, freshman in ACES

    “I personally think that if the University thinks this is what’s in the best interest for students, for its academics and for its future over the next 50 or 100 years, then I’m not opposed to this at all. If this is what needs to be done for the betterment of our students and our academics here on campus, then I am all in favor.”

    Burhan Nizamuddin, freshman in LAS

    “The Undergraduate Library is really, really nice. It’s really close to my dorm, and the basement is really great — just studying there in the cubicles, it’s a nice quiet place. It would be really disappointing for it to go for an entire semester. I don’t know why they don’t do it over the summer; it’s a really nice area to just go study, and the other libraries are a little far away.”

    Amir Dadar, freshman in AHS

    “Hearing about the UGL shutting down, it’s kind of surprising. I would go there a lot, and my friends and I would chill there all the time — not even doing work, just as a place to go hang out instead of sitting in our dorms. It’s kind of sad, but at the same time, I kind of get why; it can get pretty dead in there.”

    Mahica Iyer, senior in LAS

    “Personally it wouldn’t affect me because I’ll be graduating, but I think that knowing how the UGL has been such a resource for me and my friends over our years here, I’m not in support of it. I’m actually really sad that people won’t have it as a resource; I think considering the way that the UGL is set up, if the functions (of the two libraries) are switched, I don’t think the Main Library is designed in a way that can handle what the UGL does for students here. I just think it is a great resource, and people are just going to lose that resource while they’re here.”

    Nick is a junior in LAS.

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    Axel is a sophomore in LAS.

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