Opinion | Straight spaces crush campus LGBTQ+ scene

By Chiara Awatramani, Senior Columnist

Business Insider ranked the University first for most fun college campuses for our vast variety of nightlife options. There are Legends and Murphy’s Pub for a sports fanatic atmosphere and popular trivia nights, and The Red Lion and KAMS for wild nights of partying. Whatever type of bar a student looks for, a student can find — except for LGBTQ+ bars.

Although there are many bars on campus in CU, having a uniquely LGBTQ+ bar in these areas would allow for LGBTQ+ individuals to experience the same benefits as straight people in current bars: meeting romantic interests and partners. 

Many students across campus agree having a space for LGBTQ+ individuals must happen. A space for LGBTQ+ individuals to mix and mingle would allow for the community to connect as it had in the past, where many bars, such as the recently closed Chester Street Bar, served as LGBTQ+ hubs.

As a minority population — approximately 4.5% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBTQ+ — romantic relationships and interests have developed in a majority straight environment, in classes, on the street, at parties and bars.

This limits the number of successful relationships that can be formed. As a majority of people are attracted to the opposite sex, the majority of people would, naturally, not be interested in any advances from lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans or queer individuals.

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This heteronormativity would disappear in the presence of an LGBTQ+ bar.

Having an LGBTQ+ bar around the campus area would allow many LGBTQ+ people in the community to romantically experience a world in which the majority of the people around them would identify more like them — a fact that increases their chances of sparking romantic relationships. Opening an LGBTQ+ bar would give individuals the chance to experience the world as the majority, as a straight person does.

Despite the absence of a bar for queer individuals, relationships form. Pride comes and goes. “Gay Days” at bars continue on off-market days of the week like Monday and Thursday. But can’t we do better than merely accept the LGBTQ+? Can’t we show, as a campus, that we appreciate LGBTQ+ diversity by creating a space for them?

By opening LGBTQ+ bars, LGBTQ+ individuals could experience easier times meeting members of their community as well as spark romantic interests. This would show the vibrant LGBTQ+ community their sexual identities can not only survive, but thrive at the University.


Chiara is a sophomore in LAS.

[email protected]