DI Voices | Food is my mom’s love language


Photo courtesy of Sanchita Teeka

Columnist Sanchita Teeka with her mom, Suma Teeka, celebrating Diwali in November 2021. Sanchita expresses her gratitude and appreciation for her mother’s cooking.

By Sanchita Teeka, Columnist

Ever since I was little, weekend mornings meant hot, crispy, savory dosas waiting for me at the kitchen table. When my relatives visit from India, my mom makes sure to brew fresh, hot chai every single morning and afternoon. 

Being at home is categorized by hot, homemade meals every day. My mom makes sure every birthday in our household is filled with the person’s favorite food, sometimes even starting the feast the night before.

When I caught COVID-19 early second semester, I had to quarantine at home. It was the longest time I was back home for a while, but I couldn’t interact with my family. That meant no hugs, no kisses, no long catch-up conversations sitting in the family room. But that didn’t stop my mom from showing her love. 

That week she made sure that every meal I had was hot, fresh and all my favorite. She had me make a list of dishes I wanted that week and made it all plus more. She couldn’t love me through hugs and kisses, so she loved me through her love language: food.

Whenever my mom visits C-U, she comes with containers of food, making sure I have at least two options other than the dining hall. Even when she isn’t physically here, her love language shines through. Every time I’m on the phone with her, she asks me for a rundown of the food I’ve had that day, making sure I’ve eaten enough. 

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When I was younger, I would sometimes get into fights with my mom over the silliest things. Since I am just as stubborn as she is, I wouldn’t talk to her for hours and she wouldn’t talk to me. Regardless of how mad we were at each other, my mom would make sure I ate. 

Whether that was forcing my brother to drag me out of my room or having my dad call me down, she made sure it happened. While I didn’t always understand it, I knew that this meant she didn’t stop loving me. 

Even though my mom still tells me she loves me every day, I love the extra confirmation through her love language. For some, food is simply something necessary for life, but for me, it’s come to mean so much more. Food has such importance in my life all because of one incredible woman: my mom.


Sanchita is a freshman in LAS.

[email protected]