Opinion | TINI’s tiny U.S. following ought to grow


Courtesy of Estrella Herrera / Government of Buenos Aires City

TINI in concert at Usina del Arte. Columnist Storey Childs thinks American music listeners should listen to TINI, and global artists in general.

By Storey Childs, Columnist

I put my headphones on and wait for the connecting sound telling me that I can start to listen. I flip through my curated playlists and search for the right one to start the day. I pick the playlist, press shuffle and start to walk. The music rings in my ears as I move to the beat of my favorite artist. 

Do you have an artist who you can’t wait to listen to? Whose music almost never disappoints? For me, this artist is Martina “TINI” Stoessel.   

I was first introduced to TINI when I was in middle school, prompted by me taking my first of what would be many Spanish classes. My twin and I would watch her when she starred in the Disney Channel show Violetta, and we have been hooked since then. 

TINI is a 26-year-old Argentine pop star. Born in Buenos Aires, she has become one of the most famous Argentine singers around the world, selling out stadiums across Europe and Latin America.  

Since then, her fourth studio album released last February has charted at one of the top 50 albums in the world. She currently holds 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify

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The statistics are undeniable regarding her popularity. That being said, you most likely have never heard of TINI before reading this column.

It would not be surprising, because TINI has never performed in the United States before — unfortunately, her music has not found its way into mainstream American pop culture.  

But this needs to change. TINI has a lot to offer the American musical landscape and American listeners will be glad that they decided to get to know her. 

To know TINI is to stream her songs. But to appreciate TINI is to recognize the power of her songs, what messages they convey and what lessons can be learned. 

A good example of this is demonstrated through her 2016 song Siempre Brillarás, which translates to “you will always shine.” Though this song is from earlier in her career, I constantly go back to listen to it because I have always been drawn to its beauty and what it has to say.

Siempre Brillarás encourages the listener to simply believe in themself, and to know that there is something in you — no matter what you do — that will keep on shining. 

I understand that it is difficult to believe such a message in the pessimistic world that we live in. But it is important to remind ourselves that despite the difficulty that we face, there is something inside of us that still shines. TINI reminds us of that with this song. 

In addition to the powerful messages that she conveys within her songs, she is a role model for girls and women across the globe. 

Her collaborations with other female artists demonstrate her passion for uplifting other women who are trying to make it in the industry. Working with other powerful singers encourages unity instead of division in show business.

In the making of her 2022 hit La Loto, TINI collaborated with Mexican American singer Becky G and Brazilian singer Anitta. 

Becky G told Rolling Stone that when it comes to collaborating with other women, “We’re a force to be reckoned with now in the music industry. Instead of trying to make headlines about who is fighting about what, it’s about our record-breaking numbers.”

Their collaboration shows that women have the power to accomplish what they want when they work together. In a male-dominated industry that oftentimes forces women to fit a mold, TINI is jumping these hurdles with each song she releases.

Given all that TINI does for the music industry, the fact that language barriers or a lack of interest in global singers have an effect on her popularity in the United States is an unfortunate circumstance. 

This does not just apply to TINI, however. Americans in general could benefit from listening to artists who come from backgrounds that are different from their own. Many of us miss out on the opportunity to fall in love with an artist simply because of a language barrier. 

Music is universal — TINI is proof of this. Her music helps American listeners to expand their music palette, gain insight into a different culture and most importantly grow as people.


Storey is a junior in LAS.

[email protected]