Editorial: How to respect your roommates

Billy Galant | The Daily Illini

Billy Galant | The Daily Illini

It’s been a rough week for the Editorial Board.

One of us had an awkward and literal run-in with a roommate’s naked boyfriend.

Another member woke up looking forward to enjoying her delicious blueberry Greek yogurt, but instead found that it had already been enjoyed by one of her roommates.

And don’t get us started on the layer of dirty water with floating food chunks currently in our sinks.

At the beginning of each school year, we all start out with good intentions. With new closet organizers and cleaning supplies courtesy of our moms, how could we not be the best roommates ever?

But now that we are settled in and busy with school, work and clubs, it’s easy to fall into bad habits that negatively affect your living situation. We are all guilty of leaving the occasional dish in the sink, but here are some habits to avoid that can be downright disrespectful to your roomies.

Keep your hands off of other people’s stuff. It’s pretty simple. Some of us have the luxury of our parents gracing us with money to spend on groceries. Some of us aren’t that lucky. Many students have to work long hours after a day of classes so that we can afford food for the week.

There’s nothing wrong with asking a roommate for a taste of something when you see that they dabbled up quite a dinner with some leftovers, but be courteous. Maybe work out a system where you can cook together and share certain ingredients. Just don’t be the person who secretly grabs someone else’s food and prays that the roommate doesn’t walk in when you have cake all over your face.

Don’t be a slob. This is pretty self explanatory. Mom isn’t here anymore to clean up after you and make sure that all your things are where they should be.

Clean your dishes when you’re done using them, or if you are in a rush, make sure to clean up when you get home. Yes, it might get annoying to remember to do this every time, but it creates a healthier environment. It also reduces the chances of having cockroaches crawling across the slice of pizza you left in the living room.

But most importantly, think about those around you — your friend probably has no desire to see your significant other naked.

Perhaps the guy in the apartment next to you has a huge exam tomorrow and is trying to rest during your loud party. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and think about what would make you upset or uncomfortable.

Yes, we have to make sure to rise back to the No. 1 party school in the nation, but we also should be aware that we are an elite academic school as well. If we really want to be the best overall University in the land, then our students should follow these simple rules.

It’s common courtesy.