Gallery | University students speak about importance of participating in 2020 election

By Mark Capapas, Senior Photographer

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  • “I think just it’s something I’ve always felt is apart about being a mindful citizen and caring about something other than yourself. I wanna do my best to show up” said Kashara Bennett, Junior in Fine and Applied Arts.

  • “I feel like this country is unique. Demographically we are made if of people all around the world. It’s really important that citizens use their responsibilities wisely. I feel like it’s important to make sure your voice is heard. It’s important that U.S. citizens are aware and involved in the political process. Our actions have massive consequences for the world” said Kabir Fakoya, Junior in ACES.

  • “I personally am an advocate for the environment and climate-conscious. Whoever I vote for today will help that. I also want to vote for someone that will push for more accessible tuition because I am a first-generation student and it’s hard to pay for it, so having someone that makes it more accessible helps” said Zhara Trott, Sophomore in Business.

  • “I do what I can to vote, I just hope nothing goes bad after the election because of the disagreements,” said James Lyman, Freshman in Engineering.

  • “Voting is the most beneficial way to exercise your right as a citizen. It is the most influential way to put your ideas to move our country forward” said Grant Maresca, Sophomore in LAS.

  • “Politics affects everyone’s lives more than you realize. It is an important duty for everyone to exercise their right for democracy” said Colin Heeneman, Junior in LAS.

  • “I wrote letters to various people in Champaign. I told them that my parents grew up in a country in Germany where they weren’t allowed to vote. As a result of that, my paternal uncle spent years in a Soviet prisoner war-camp, I vote in his memory” said Brian Marick, a local resident of Champaign.

  • “It is my first time being able to vote for a president. It is your responsibility” said Alex Childs, Sophomore in Applied Health Sciences.

  • “I feel like it is important to let your opinion known. No matter who gets elected we all gotta make steps” said Julian Pearl, Junior in LAS.

  • “It’s the one day we get to express our voice and contribute to the political process. Being on campus makes it easy to vote” said Ali Asghar, Senior in LAS.

  • “It is the most important election of our lifetime. There are important issues on the ballot. The character of our nation is on the ballot. Exercise our right, participate in democracy” said Jon Bobell, a volunteer with the Champaign County Democrats.

  • “I wanted to vote on the Illinois tax change. I think a democracy requires everyone to participate” said Drew Schmitt, Senior in Engineering.

  • “As a history major, we’ve seen effects of people to do their civic duty or not, either way, the results of the election will be damaging,” said Hannah Cox, Junior in LAS.

  • “I think a lot of people know that this election in, particular, is going to affect me and my future family. I want to set up a better America for the people that come up for after me and for the family that I want to build” said Micki Pease, Senior in Business.

  • “A lot of people I know in the United States will be personally affected by the selection. A lot is on the line it’s very high stakes and I definitely want to be a contributing factor in our country going in the right direction” said Tasha Wang, Senior in Engineering.

  • “To make the change and there’s a lot of things going on and I don’t wanna complain if I didn’t vote so I need to vote,” said Kemani Williams, Freshman in LAS.

  • “I guess it’s just since this is my first election that I’m able to vote and I’m just excited to be a part of that and complete my duty to the country,” said Olivia Mazzone, Junior in LAS.

  • “I just want to be able to put my opinion in, and voting is an important way to express my opinion,” said Anna Busza, Senior in Engineering.

  • “It is important for our society to vote, so we can have a say so we aren’t blameless,” said Jasmine Holmes, Junior in LAS.

  • “It’s probably more important for local because I mean Illinois is gonna go blue, so that’s not important. On a local level it’s important to vote for laws in the county I live in, said Anita Litwiller, a graduate student in ACES.

  • “A lot of my family are DACA members and they can’t vote so it’s important for their voices to be heard through me,” said Briana Perez, Junior in ACES.

  • “Honestly for women’s rights, lgbtq+, black lives matter, everything that has happened in 2020. I really wanna make a difference because every vote counts” said Taylor Isirov, Senior in LAS.

  • “Probably because I’m a student I wanna represent students voting. It’s important to voice your opinion and have a voice that you believe in” said Darby Danzl, Senior in ACES.

  • “It’s important because it gives me a chance to vote and now I feel like I can make a change,” said Christiauna Mosby, an undeclared Freshman.

  • “Because last election no one voted, and everyone took it as a joke and this is my first time being able to vote,” said Anahi Medina, Junior in LAS.

  • “Every vote counts and it makes a difference,” said Bjorn Benjamin, Freshman in Applied Health Sciences.

  • “This is the first time I can vote and I wanna make my imprint in what’s going on today and feel like I have a choice,” said Preston Lis, Freshman in LAS.

  • “It’s important because now that I have an option I want to use my voice. Not enough people vote and I want to help fix that” said Emilie Duquet, Freshman in Engineering.

  • “It’s the most important election of our lifetime. It’s crucial. It’s gonna tell if we continue to succeed in a democracy or not” said Mary Hays, Professor in English.

  • “It’s important because honestly because black lives matter so my life matters said Ioney Clark, Sophomore in LAS.

  • “Because first I wasn’t gonna vote, but I got to vote for people who can’t and I’m standing in this massively long line to vote,” said Taylor Jones, Junior in ACES.

  • “I do feel its part of democracy, and it’s important to vote for the president and congress. Here in Champaign it is a little bit lopsided so my vote does have some impact” said Rohit Kumar, Senior in Engineering.

  • “I believe that it’s my opportunity and I try to not take it for granted and not many have this opportunity and I want to be a voice for those who don’t have one,” said Bryan Gonzalez, Freshman in Engineering.

  • “I think it’s really just my duty to be an American citizen even if I don’t agree with any of the candidates who are running,” said Sammy Tumbali, Freshman in LAS.

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