Mercury retrograde offers new sex, dating advice for 2022

By Michelle Martinez, Staff Writer

As we have entered 2022, everyone is trying to start with their best selves forward. More than ever, people are using astrology to guide their dating and relationships in the new year. 

The 12 horoscopes are used by people to seek out information about present and future events. According to Nylon, it can also give us better control over our daily lives and insight into unconscious and conscious life we might not think about. 

This year’s four Mercury retrogrades will also cause shifts in our lives. Astrologer Claire Comstock-Gay for CNN underscored says during this time, Mercury seems to be moving backward in the sky. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, and it’s possible for it to go haywire during retrograde. 

Zodiac signs influence people differently based on personality, wants and needs when in a relationship. 

Read on to find out the good and bad of relationships within your sign and what Mercury retrograde has anything to do with it.

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    Aries  March 21-April 19 

    People with Aries signs tend to come off as cocky and are known to have large egos; this gives them a dominant personality. When it comes to relationships, they like the chase. They are looking for someone to avoid bumping heads with and will understand each other’s spontaneous nature. Aries in retrograde might face disappointment, so make sure to communicate thoughtfully in any relationship. 

    Taurus  April 20-May 20

    Tauruses tend to be clingy because they like to hold on to what is comfortable to them. They are also very sexually involved and love to love hard. Tauruses might face some mishaps as they experience excitement in their love life during the Mercury retrograde. 

    Gemini May 21-June 20

    It’s hard to tell who people with Gemini signs might be dating because it’s hard for them to settle down. They like exploring new things, and this can be any daily activities or sex. According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan for Bustle magazine, Gemini’s adaptability to situations makes it known they are social butterflies. Geminis will probably rekindle a past relationship during the Mercury retrograde. 

    Cancer   June 21-July 22

    It is not easy for Cancers to begin relationships because they need to know there is security. But when they do enter relationships, they are devoted. They are very domestic but can act as a mother figure, which is not something you want in a partner. Cancers will face intimacy issues with their partners during Mercury retrograde and should use this time to face personal issues. 

    Leo July 23-Aug. 22

    Leos are loyal and fight for their partners, yet it can be difficult for them to admit when they are wrong in relationships. They tend to become jealous and need constant reassurance from their partners. They look for someone who is attentive and someone who understands their large personality. During Mercury retrograde, it is time for Leos to be clear about communication.

    Virgo   Aug. 23-Sep. 22

    Virgos are perfectionists and do everything with purpose. Although, they often try to change their personalities to match their partners. They are very flirtatious and look for a partner that likes physical touch. Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, which might have a great effect on the lack of flexibility in a Virgo’s love life. 

    Libra  Sep. 23-Oct. 22

    When it comes to the people Libras are interested in, they can be very devoted to their partners but can lose themselves at times. They don’t like confrontation, so they will suppress feelings instead. Due to their concept of balance, they tend to find partners who neither dictate the relationship nor who passively watch their actions. This Mercury retrograde might cause Libras to second guess their feelings in their relationships. 

    Scorpio  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

    Scorpios tend to become interested in people fast and will know very quickly if they like them or not. They are willing to give everything when seeking love and sex. This makes them hurt more seriously than others when in a relationship. says they look for someone who is interested in long-term commitment. Scorpios can be very intense, so it’s good to express feelings in a considerate way through any misunderstanding during Mercury retrograde. 

    Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21 

    Sagittarius signs are always down to do something new with their partners and are fun to be around. They do not, at times, commit to long-term relationships and are unsure how important the relationship is to the other person. They need someone who can take how brutally honest and independent they are. Make sure to not send any mixed signals to anyone you might be in a relationship with, whether it be committed or sexual, during the Mercury retrograde. 

    Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19

    Astrologer Griffin Damron for Insider says Capricorns are the most cold and difficult signs to love. They are very serious and struggle to get in touch with their own emotions. Although it’s hard for them to express their feelings, they yearn for praise. They need someone who doesn’t misunderstand them and notices the small things to tell you they love you. 

    Aquarius  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

    Aquarians find it difficult to explain feelings and are unable to communicate with their partner. Due to their cold nature, their partners find it hard to believe they care for them. They want to look for someone who is instead able to witness more of their spontaneous nature. The first Mercury retrograde in 2022 began in Aquarius on Jan. 14, which made it a time of miscommunication. 

    Pisces  Feb. 19-March 20

    Pisces are at times emotionally unstable and can take things to heart very easily. They need to look for someone who will match their deep emotions. Bustle magazine said that in the winter of 2022, Pisces might feel confused or heightened emotions; this is a good time to talk through any misunderstandings in any current relationships. 

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