Sounds at Sunset continues in Champaign

By Wren Wheeling, Contributing Writer

The Champaign Park District continues its Sounds at Sunset series June 18 with live music from jazz and cabaret singer Katie Flynn. The concert will be held at Toalson park, and there is no admission fee.

Every summer, the park district hosts multiple concerts featuring local music artists in various parks. On May 6 of this year, they started off with a performance from Edison Middle School at Hessel Park. On May 21, New Souls performed at Scott Park. After that, it was Birds On A Wire at Kaufman Lake.

The series will continue on until late August, and five other artists, including Gospel Jazz Fest, The New and Slightly Used, West of Staley and of course, Katie Flynn, are still waiting for their chance to put on a show.

Naturally, there won’t just be music at this event. The Champaign Park District promises a variety of activities which includes inflatables. They encourage audience members to bring their own refreshments and lawn chairs, as well as their friends and family.  

“I’ve attended Sounds of Sunset in the past.” Flynn says. “It’s a terrific way to spend an evening with my family, my kids can play while my husband and I can enjoy live music. We often make a picnic out of it. It’s lovely.”

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    Flynn has been performing in Champaign since 2009, but before she came here she would perform in talent shows and sing in church all throughout school. She said she has been singing since she was just a kid, and will continue singing for years to come.

    “The energy of the crowd is what fuels me,” Flynn says. “Once that energy is there, then a connection is built…and it’s just tops. Nothing else like it.”

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