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Apps help navigate campus

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Apps help navigate campus

By Megan Jones

First arriving on campus with 40,000 students can be overwhelming and even navigating your dorm can seem like a challenge. The following apps are useful to every University student.

Blackboard Mobile

Most professors use Illinois Compass, a platform through Blackboard Learn, to help post announcements, post grades, submit assignments and take quizzes. Downloading this app will help you stay on top of any changes a professor might make and allow you to see your newly posted grades right away.

UI Dining app

The University’s dining hall app shows all the different meals that are being served across all the dining halls. The app shows you how many meals and credits you have left, along with each dining hall’s operating hours. If you’re looking to explore the halls and try different foods, the app can help ensure that you know what is being served before traveling out of your typical dorm. It can also show the Late Night After Dark meals and the convenience stores sometimes open in different halls.


If you plan to hit up the bars and the nightlife at the University, Zondr is the app for you. By listing the top bars near Green Street in Campustown, the app provides information on if the bar is charging cover, the ratio from males to females and the line outside of the bar. It begins to update around 10 p.m. and also shows the bars drink and food specials for that night. The app was developed by University students.

CU Buses

Buses became my #1 mode of transportation, getting me to class when I was in a hurry or to a far away spot off campus. In order to navigate when a bus is coming, or if it’s going to be late, using an app ensures you don’t get stuck or lost in any place. My personal favorite is the Illini Bus app, but they are offer multiple – both iPhone and Android specific – for the Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District bus system. The system allows you to create your own trips and find where stops are in places that may be unfamiliar to you.

Illinois Campus Rec

The University has two recreation centers: The ARC and CRCE, whose formal names I won’t bog you down with. The Campus Rec app allows students to see the activity level of the centers so you can find the best time to go and find an open court to use. It is updated every 30 minutes and will help decide whether it’s time to make a trip to the gym.

Fighting Illini Gameday

If you’re an Illini athletics fan, this app is for you. It keeps tabs on all the Fighting Illini teams and actively keeps scores on game days. It’s the best way to keep up to date and read stories on the teams, too.

SafeWalks app

SafeWalks is a University program where you can request two SafeWalk patrollers to walk you home at night. This year, the University of Illinois Police Department launched an app to help students reach this service easier. Consider it like an Uber, but for trained walkers who will take you home safely.

Official Illinois app

This is a central hub of Illinois info. During orientation, they probably already asked you to download this. But just in case you didn’t, it’s time. It provides campus news, a list of events on campus, a helpful map of all the buildings on campus and much more.

Megan is a junior in Media.

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