Restaurants fit for all food lovers

By Dan Collins

Coming to Champaign-Urbana after spending my whole life in the city of Chicago, there was one thing I thought I was going to miss the most about home: food.

But I must admit, the C-U area has pleased my foodie heart since my arrival on campus. Therefore, it is my honor to share with you some of the best grub options you can find.

Now, allow me to say that these options aren’t necessarily five-star choices. In fact, mostly all of them would be considered junk food options. But hey, foodies have a place in their heart for all types of cuisine.

So here it goes.

First, I’ll start with Fat Sandwich Company, which is about a five-minute walk from the Main Quad.

Most people would say you have to be drunk or hungover to even attempt to eat one of their fat sandwiches. While I have yet to try one of their sandwiches under these circumstances, I have had the luxury of trying the place out.

All I have to say is: Fat Magnum. That big boy is made up of a double cheeseburger, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon, egg, mayo and ketchup. Sure, you might have to jog around the whole campus after you’ve eaten it, and you might feel bloated for three straight days immediately after you’ve finished your last bite, but it’s well-worth the try. I promise you.

Moving on to another sandwich spot, I must mention my favorite bite at Which Wich. That would be… drum roll… the Surf and Turf, a splendid delight made up of crab salad and roast beef. My toppings of choice? House chips, lettuce, spinach and spicy ranch.

Let me also say that Which Wich is located directly below the Illini Media Building, so I’ve had my fair share of sandwiches from the place. I’m sure I’ve just about tried them all.

One of my other jobs at Illini Media is being an on-air DJwhat does AP say about “DJ”? for WPGU. I co-hosted a Friday evening show with a buddy of mine, and we’d sneak down to Which Wich just about every show. Let me say this: my co-host really liked Hummus—don’t put Hummus on your ‘wich.

Enough with the sandwiches options though. It’s time for a tasty dessert.

On campus, there are two popular spots that happen to be frozen yogurt joints: Cocomero and Orange Leaf. Before I dive in on this one, I would like to say that the only type of frozen yogurt is the original tart. Anything else is simply healthy ice cream.

Well, there you have it, I guess. Go to Cocomero — their tart is the best. It’s so sour, you might even make a funny face after ever scoop you eat.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to really dive into all the other solid cuisine options. I will, however, mention a few more joints where you can stop by and get a decent bite of food. If you’re hungry one morning, see a “Cracked” food truck and have a couple dollars, stop and get something. Anything.

If you want something you’ll most likely be familiar with, there is a Panda Express, Potbelly’s and Einstein Bagels.

Eat up and enjoy.

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