Creating relationships with professors beneficial to success

By Ali Braboy

Although it can seem difficult to meet a new professor and create a relationship, it can be done and is beneficial. 

Professors have gone through college and experienced the working world, so it is to the advantage of students to create a relationship with them. Professors know the stresses students face as they go through college, along with other problems that might come up in the field of study as students go out into the world. By being respectful and taking an interest in the class, students can learn a lot about a professor and create a relationship.

The best way to make a relationship with a teacher is by being respectful inside and outside the classroom. Being respectful is more than just treating the professor as you would like to be treated, though. 

College is a professional zone, so students should remember to come to class on time, not disrupt anyone by talking or being on the phone and always turn in assignments on time. By showing the professor you care about the class, there is more of a chance the professor will understand and care if problems arise (such as needing extensions on assignments).

Many of the professors I have encountered enjoy their jobs and fields of study, which is why if students have questions, they should ask their professors to explain. Write down the professor’s contact information, office hours and location to find out the best time to ask questions. There are many outlets for assistance on campus, but asking the professor who assigned the homework might be the best, and they will see you care enough to take time out of your day to find an answer.

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    Creating a relationship with a professor can lead to advantages that extend beyond the course in which you are enrolled. It’s possible a professor could assist students with any questions they have about issues other than homework, such as problems the professor faced after college or where to find the best jobs. Professors with whom students create relationships might also be willing to write recommendation letters for graduate school, scholarships or jobs, which will benefit students as they leave the University. 

    Ali is a senior in Media.

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