What are your tips for making the most of Quad Day?

By Rabia Ilyas

Vicki Ortiz, senior in FAA.

“Make sure you have sunscreen on.”

Marie Hayashi, junior in LAS

“I would say to sign up for as many things as you have the time for, especially for clubs/activities for your major/minor. This is the best opportunity to explore extracurricular activities like that. You can always cancel email subscriptions from clubs you don’t want to go to anyways.”

Quan Trimble, junior in LAS,

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“Explore all the different organizations there and choose at least two of them that you would actually enjoy participating in.”

Nicholas Dadufalza, junior in Engineering

“One of the many things you can do is go to the main school website that lists all the RSOs on campus. It organizes based on interests and what kind of organization it is, whether academic, social, community-based, volunteer, etc.

“Once you have done that, you can just walk around and look at booths and clubs that you have an interest in and see what they have to offer as a club.

“Other than that, bring something to eat along the way, because you will get thirsty, and wear something light because it gets hot very quickly.

“Don’t be shy in asking questions about the organization/club, and as an executive board member of an organization myself, we want people who are enthusiastic about the club and what it stands for, so we are more than happy to answer any questions that you have.”

Kennedy McKay, junior in FAA

“I recommend finding the Quad Day map — that way you can find which organizations you might be interested in and you can visit those tables first. Then take your time browsing the Quad and looking at all of the tables. 

“Visit as many places as possible! Not only will you stumble upon something you might end up loving, but they give away a lot of free stuff, too!”

Kyle Granger, graduate student in ACES

“I would say that to maneuver through Quad Day, you have to know what you want to see. To see everything is impossible. To know that you only want to see a few organizations of a specific interest is the best bet. 

“Narrow down your interests. It’s almost as though you’re applying to college again. Just keep that mindset.”

Mariela Rodriguez, junior in LAS

“Keep yourself hydrated out in the hot sun and have patience with the crowd of people. Also, it is better to go with two or three people instead of a group of friends because you will get separated every few minutes.”

Jasmin Garcia, senior in Media

“Explore everything. There are so many RSOs out there that I had no idea even existed. Don’t limit yourself — try out and join things, find your place.”

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