Top 10 interview tips to help you land the job

By Claire Hettinger

So you got the interview — that’s half the battle. Your resume resonated with your employer and they want to learn more. Now is the time to shine, and get yourself a job.

Prepare for questions that scare you

Like, “What is your biggest weakness?” Or, “What is your strength?” One time I got asked, “What is a problem you faced and how did you resolve it?”

It’s cheesy for interviewers to ask us what our weaknesses are, but for some reason, they think it’s a good question. The only thing to do is to answer the question in an intelligent manner so you stand out.

Practice answering questions before you go

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It isn’t good to sound too scripted, but it’s good to have an idea of what you are going to say before you show up for the interview. If you prepare before, then you can come up with answers that make you seem different from other candidates.

Research the company and hiring managers, and whoever else you can

It’s good to have an idea of who you are talking to. That way, you can hopefully make a connection with them so they’ll remember you.

Try Google alerts. That way, you can be up to date on what’s currently going on in the company. It will show the potential employers that you are conscious and aware of what is happening in their world.

Be early to the interview

It seems like common sense, but it’s important. That way, you can show you care and you can be ready for whatever happens. If the interviewers are ahead of schedule, they can get you in sooner, which they’ll appreciate. If they are running late, you can wait for them and show that you are accommodating. 

Either way, you are showing that you are available for whatever needs to happen, which is a very good quality to portray.

Make a connection and be confident

The easiest way for an interviewer to remember you is to give them something good to remember. You need to get out of the cookie-cutter mold of an interviewee and show them something special about you that they will respect and want for their company.

Show them why you are a good candidate and they’ll remember you.

Avoid mediocre answers

There isn’t much time during an interview, so every word in every answer counts, and should be used to make yourself seem excellent. 

You need to choose your words carefully. Don’t waste time with words that don’t help your case. 

Ask questions about the position you are interviewing for

This is an absolute must. It shows the interviewers that you care about the job and you want to get it. 

You need to show them that you are excited about the position. That way, they’ll know that if they hire you, you’ll do the best job possible because you actually want to be there.

Ask if there is anything they’d like you to clarify

This is a brave question, but sometimes bravery pays off in an interview. This way, if there are any misunderstandings or miscommunications, you can clear them up instead of potentially losing the position. Or they might ask about another part of your resume that interests them.

Be yourself

Interviewers will connect with you if you show them who you are. You want to get the job, but you don’t want to be stuck in a position that doesn’t fit with your goals or personality.

Send a thank you note

This is a great way to show that you are a nice person, you care about the job, are still thinking about it and are still interested in proving you’ll be a good employee. 

It won’t be annoying. It will remind the interviewers of who you are, and keep you fresh in their minds. This is a good chance to bring up the connection if you made one earlier.