Is luxury living worth the price?


Justin Wolfe | The Daily Illini

Luxury Housing on UIUC campus at around 7:30 pm. Taken October 5, 2015.

By Claire Hettinger

With all these new luxury apartments, people who want to live well for less can still do so in older luxury apartments. These apartments aren’t the “it” places to live anymore, but are still in good shape and, of course, are at the same good locations.

So the question becomes: Is luxury living worth the money?

Well, it depends. Do you want to live in an amazing apartment that puts most residential homes to shame? Or would you rather live in an apartment that is still nice, but costs much less money?

The rent of luxury apartments continues to skyrocket like the buildings that house them.

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And the crazy part is, the second-best apartments sometimes go for the same prices that older apartments go for. Perhaps because people think they are too expensive on a college student’s budget.

So, there are apartments available until the last minute in buildings such as 309 Green, which was not too long ago considered the most current option for luxury living.

They don’t sell as quickly because the people with enough money look for the newest and best choices.

These buildings aren’t old, they just aren’t the most luxurious or newest options available anymore. But they are still in good shape and are nicer than some apartments that go at a similar price.

In the end, find a place that will make your life easier, not harder. It may be worth considering if the luxury apartment is worth the price, or if you’d rather have spending money.

But perhaps you’d rather spend most of your time hanging out with friends at your place, with your simulated golf course or your rooftop hot tub.

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