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The ACES library is located at 1101 S. Goodwin Ave. in Urbana. The library is hosting a the Plant Sciences Symposium on Friday.

By Abby Paeth, Assistant features editor

Paeth, AbbyStudying is one of most time-consuming pastimes students partake in at the University. Many students hit the books at the Undergraduate Library, the Union or the Main Quad but those places can get crowded quickly. Here are five alternative study spots on campus that are just as good and don’t make you feel cramped while you cram.

Funk (ACES) Library

On the east side of the South Quad stands an octagonal building with plenty of windows to let in the sunlight. Named after the Funk Family who largely contributed to the University, the library is open to public until 10 p.m. and to students until 3 a.m. With four open floors, the library is spacious, and study rooms are available for students to reserve.

Grainger Engineering Library

If you’re looking to venture a little farther out for your studies, Grainger is a great place to start. Pillars line the reading room where many students flip through their notes and textbooks underneath the light of lamps on every table. Many students in Engineering might also find it beneficial to reference their large collection of engineering volumes and use the computers and printers available.

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    The Psychology Building

    You don’t need to be a psychology major to use the building’s facilities. Located at the corner of Sixth Street and Daniel Street, the beautiful greenery around the first floor of the psych building makes it a serene and peaceful place to study. Tables are set up around the lobby, and the area is extremely quiet to keep focused.

    Business Instructional Facility (BIF)

    BIF’s large common area provides an open space for open minds. The entire building is energy sustainable and has three-story floor to ceiling windows in the main commons. Tables and couches are set up around the area for any student to use, and there is a coffee shop on the first floor.

    Espresso Royale on Daniel Street

    The dual-level café provides plenty of space for students to study without feeling overcrowded. The café is centrally located about a block away from the Main Quad and also has a friendly atmosphere for optimal low-stress studying. The background noise of the espresso machines and coffee grinders creates a calming atmosphere for those who would rather study with some white noise.

    Abby is a sophomore in Media. 

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