Unique ways to impress your date


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The Art Theater Co-op, located on Church Street in downtown Champaign, celebrates its centennial this week. It often plays contemporary films not shown at other local movie theaters.

By Kyra Kirsh, Supplements Writer

February has finally arrived, and anticipating the “day of love” has put men and women everywhere in their annual panic. For the men, it is time to start your hunt for wow-worthy date ideas; for the women, it is time to start strategically slipping in casual hints of your hatred for the typical “dinner and a movie”.

So we’re left with the inevitable question: How can he exceed her expectations without the help of her creativity? Well, the answer is closer than you think.

It starts with knowing what she likes and what she doesn’t like. If she plugs her ears when you talk sci-fi, then two tickets to “Star Wars: Rogue One” could be the last date you share with her.

Every woman favors one of two important categories: staying in or going out. Regardless of if you’ve been dating her for three weeks or three years, you know which one she tends to lean towards.

For the girl who prefers staying in her pajamas with a glass of wine, here are a few ideas that she will proudly brag to her friends about:

Homemade Sushi Chefs

Take a trip to the Asian grocery store (do your research, they exist nearby) for the necessary tools and ingredients to share this romantic, fun and maybe even tasty experience.

A Night in Rome

Pasta carbonara followed by “Letters to Juliet” equals an A+ for you. Travel around the world together without taking a step outside of your apartment; just choose a country and let the rest of the night follow suit.

Wine & Karaoke

If you are looking for a more casual way to spend your night, then look no further than a little liquid courage and window-shattering vocals. Grab a bottle of wine — or two — and borrow your buddy’s Wii for the karaoke night of a lifetime.

For the type who craves a dressy, romantic night spent out on the town, here are some unique ideas for her perfect night:

Artsy Smartsy

Find a place to grab a bite to eat, then show her your sophisticated side when you take her to one of the many theaters in Champaign. Whether it is musical theater, a live music performance or even just live entertainment in general, you’re guaranteed to wow her with your maturity.

Discover a Hole-in-the-Wall

This isn’t your generic dinner date. Discover what tasty secrets lie inside the city’s walls. Don’t stop walking until you find a cute, small restaurant that the rest of campus hasn’t tried; she will always be happy to experience another “first” with you.

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