Students have a variety of campus job options

By Isabella Jackson, Brand Manager

At a large university like Illinois, students have many options for part-time jobs. These jobs can help students build resumes, network and earn a little extra cash.

Part-time jobs can range from on-campus work through the University to off-campus positions with local businesses and employers. To look for a campus or community job, students should visit the University’s Virtual Job Board.

On campus, students can work for various departments and facilities. Some of the most common jobs include check-in jobs at residence halls, dining halls and recreation centers. Responsibilities include swiping i-cards, logging delivered packages and answering any questions students may have.

Although the jobs may be a little tedious, they do offer hours outside of normal business hours, which is helpful for students with a busy course load during the day.

Students can also find jobs on campus in the libraries or other academic departments. These can be excellent positions for those interested in information sciences or those pursuing a graduate degree in their field, as they are able to work closely with faculty members in those departments. Some students even find paid research positions, working with a professor or research team on campus.

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Additionally, there are positions available in the administrative offices at the University. I have worked as a tour guide in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions — a job that has been an incredible learning experience and a lot of fun — but other students work as bloggers, social media writers or various other positions in communications and public relations.

Campus jobs can be a great fit for students for many reasons.

First, the offices are used to hiring undergraduate students. That means they are generally flexible and work around the needs of a student, and are often hiring at the beginning of each semester.

Secondly, the jobs are located on campus and are easy to get to during the day. Personally, I have enjoyed my ability to work a shift in between classes without having to find a way to get off campus.

When it comes to putting the job on your resume, the University of Illinois is a very reputable employer, and there are positions available that may directly relate to students’ career paths. For example, those interested in working as athletic trainers or in sports marketing can apply for positions with the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. This can help with networking and job experience after graduation.

However, there are benefits to community jobs, too. These jobs can range from working as wait staff at a local restaurant to nannying or being a personal care assistant for a member of the community.

If a student has previously worked at a chain restaurant or store, it is likely they will find a job at the Champaign-Urbana branch. On Neil Street, students may find employment at places like Old Navy, Olive Garden or Gap, especially if they have held part-time jobs with those chains at home.

For those interested in health services or childcare, there are positions available to care for children or people with disabilities. This can provide valuable work experience in fields not available through campus jobs.

With all employment, students must find a way to balance schoolwork and work shifts. While this can be a difficult task, it is bound to be very rewarding in the long run.

Isabella is a senior in LAS. 

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