Fun classes to take during your time here

By Brooke Eberle, Brand Manager

Coming into college, one might not know what to expect in terms of your classes. You’ve probably been told for the majority of your high school career that “this work won’t cut it in college” or that “when you get to college, it’ll be way harder,” in an attempt to scare you into putting in more work on assignments.

However, you should approach college with a completely different outlook. College should be a place to learn and develop who are you are. So instead of worrying about what your GPA will be, look forward to these fun classes that you can take during your next four years at the University.

MACS 100 — Intro to Popular TV & Movies

I took this class my first semester of freshman year and it was so much fun. During class time, I got to watch fun show and movies every week like “The Truman Show,” “Hugo,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and plenty more.

This class also counts for a Western and a Literature & Arts credit, which are graduation requirements for everybody, so why not get both requirements done while also watching some classic TV shows and movies? It’s a pretty popular course and is usually offered every semester, so keep this class in mind if you find a three-credit hour space in your schedule.

GER 199/CWL 199 — Harry Potter & Western Culture

If the Harry Potter books were a pretty big staple of your childhood like they were for mine, you should consider taking this class. During the course of the semester, you will re-read all of the Harry Potter books and talk about the overall themes in the series.

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There is also plenty of discussion time to talk about all of your feelings on the series. Should Hermoine have ended up with Harry? Was Snape a friend or foe? Was Harry Potter actually a Horcrux all along? Time to talk it out with your classmates to find out (while also earning some participation points in the process). This class is usually offered in the spring, so keep your eyes out for when it becomes available.

CPSC 117 — Agriculture and Science of Coffee

This is where your coffee addiction may prove useful. In this class, you’ll learn about how coffee is grown, harvested and roasted to get to the point where you drink it to get through your midterm study session.

You’ll also learn about “the wide variety of coffee beverages, coffee flavor evaluation, coffee chemistry, coffee economics, and the physiological effects of coffee” according to the Course Explorer description. Sounds like some interesting material to learn about. And maybe you’ll be able to try a few samples if you’re lucky.

Brooke is a senior in Media.

[email protected]