Places to study that aren’t the library


Elisabeth Neely

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By Rachael Bolek, Managing Editor for Online

If you’re like me, you also can’t get anything done when you study at home. No matter how much I try, if I work on something for a class while at my desk or on my bed, I either fall asleep or inevitably put my homework down and turn on Netflix. Luckily, I have recognized my inability to be productive at home, so whenever possible, I make it a point to go elsewhere to get my assignments done.

One problem with this is I don’t particularly like studying at libraries, either. They’re always crowded, and it’s a struggle trying to find a spot to yourself at libraries. For this reason, I’ve spent the majority of my time studying at locations across campus. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve found in my past three years at the University.


The first place many people think of as a place to study is the nearest coffeehouse. I’ve spent many hours in places like Starbucks, Espresso Royale and Hammerhead Coffee finishing assignments.

If you like to have a bit of noise in the background while you work, these are some great options. Starbucks and Espresso Royale have many locations on campus, so you can find the one closest to you. The Starbucks on Green Street is typically more crowded, but the one near the Krannert Center on Oregon Street often has more open tables.

Many of these places close around 10 p.m., so make sure to check each coffeehouse’s hours before heading over. This may not be the best late-night option, but if you need to do work during the day, I highly recommend any of these coffeehouses.

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Many buildings across campus are unlocked before a certain time. The classrooms in those buildings make a great place to study. You can go there to work by yourself or with a group. My personal favorite buildings to study in are the Natural History Building, Noyes or Lincoln Hall.

The Natural History Building was recently renovated and has classrooms known as iFLEX rooms. These rooms have moveable furniture and updated technology, which is convenient if you need to work on a presentation. They also have nice environments to work in.

As for Noyes and Lincoln Hall, there are smaller classrooms you can head to if you need somewhere quieter to work. Just walk around until you find an empty room. You can work in these spaces for as long as you need, but just know if you exit the building, the main doors may lock behind you, so plan accordingly.

Dorm lounge areas

If you don’t feel like going far from your dorm, take advantage of the residence hall lounge areas. Residence halls have lounges on each floor, and there’s usually a study lounge on the main floor as well.

These were spaces I definitely took advantage of when I lived in the dorms. They provide an environment that isn’t your room, so you won’t be as tempted to go to sleep or watch Netflix, and they aren’t far from your room, making it convenient to go back to your room when you’re done studying.

Grades are important, and people have different ways to study to make them the most productive. Whether that’s a coffee shop, classroom, lounge or even a library, go somewhere you know you can get the most amount of work done without getting too distracted.

Rachael is a senior in Media.
[email protected]