Quad Day is over, now what?

By Katie Powers, Assistant buzz Editor

If you attend Quad Day, you’ll probably walk away from it with some cool free stuff, a couple dozen flyers and some emails from organizations. Your Quad Day experience is what you make of it, but your success in finding student organizations that are right for you means taking initiative and seeking out opportunities once the Main Quad clears and the semester starts up.

After sharing your contact information with an organization during Quad Day, prepare to have your inbox flooded within the next couple of days with emails containing information about the next steps toward getting involved. Take your time and read them carefully. It’s easy to let a promising opportunity get lost in the shuffle.

On Quad Day, most organizations will pass out flyers providing information about how to get in contact with them and connect on social media. Once you’re off the Main Quad, take a few minutes to follow your favorite organizations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It might seem superfluous after sharing your contact information, but many organizations use their social media presence to update their members and future members about their upcoming events.

In many cases, connecting with an organization on social media and seeing the type of content they post will help you understand the personality of an organization.

Many groups hold informational meetings or introductory social events soon after Quad Day to allow interested students the opportunity to get to know the organization and the people in it. If you’re serious about getting involved in a particular group, block out time in your schedule and make it a priority to attend these events. These events are the most efficient ways to get to know and make an impression on an organization.

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    Taking initiative and attending a meeting or event can be intimidating for many students, especially when it involves walking into unfamiliar territory. Keep in mind there are plenty of other students in the same situation. Most of the new students in attendance will be just as unsure of themselves as you are.

    If you’re especially hesitant, don’t be afraid to reach out to an organization’s leadership via email or social media in advance of attending an event. You’ll most likely get an encouraging and enthusiastic response that will make you feel more comfortable and confident when you attend.

    Remember that finding an organization where you feel like you belong and that speaks to your interests can take time. Don’t be discouraged if an organization you were drawn to on Quad Day doesn’t end up being a good fit once you start attending events or learning more about it.

    Quad Day is important, but it’s by no means the end-all-be-all of your opportunities to get involved on campus. Look out for flyers posted around campus and events within your college or department to learn more about student organizations you might have missed during Quad Day. Most organizations recruit throughout the semester so there’s plenty of time to discover a good fit if your Quad Day picks don’t end up panning out.

    Katie is a junior in LAS.

    [email protected]