Take your time at Quad Day

By Samantha Boyle, Assistant Daytime News Editor

I remember walking to Quad Day my freshman year almost like it was yesterday. At the time, I had not really figured out how to get to the Main Quad, and I was uncertain what its significance was. I was with my roommate and two other friends I made that week, but we shortly got lost from each other when we finally got to the Main Quad because it was so crowded.

I am not going to lie, Quad Day was extremely overwhelming for me. I actually ended up leaving early and I did not even get through all the tables and booths that were available.

I was thinking I would be in and out of Quad Day within about 20 minutes, but this is absolutely not possible (unless you leave early and only go to five tables, like me). I am someone that gets easily overwhelmed, though, if I am not fully prepared.

One of my biggest regrets so far was not giving Quad Day the time it deserved, though. Yes, it is overwhelming and crowded, but it is the one time a year that most registered student organizations are in one place just for you to explore and talk to real people from any organization you might be interested in.

If you are looking for a club or organization to join that relates to your major or your interests, this is the day to find it. Take the day and just go through everything and find organizations you like.

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    Being overwhelmed is completely normal, so don’t be alarmed if you start to get stressed. Just take your time: You are not the only one who is feeling that way.

    The minute I started to feel a little too overwhelmed I just left and told myself I would research RSOs on my own, but as you can imagine, I did not do that. So, take advantage of the fact that all these RSOs are in the same place so you can have the opportunity to be a part of one. Being stressed out about it will be the least of your concerns once you find something you really like.

    If it also helps, you can research the types of clubs and organizations available on campus: This is something I did not do.  

    While I do not think this is a necessary step if you are simply just exploring, having an idea of what RSOs you want to stop by will help you have more of a plan. If you are someone who gets easily overwhelmed, like me, this research will only help you. Just keep in mind that this plan may not be followed exactly how you are expecting.

    Mentally preparing yourself for the crowd and people constantly talking at you will ease a whole lot of stress for you, I can almost promise that.  

    If you go in with an open mind and are prepared for the crowd, your time at Quad Day will be well worth it and you will most likely find an organization you want to join and make your college experience that much better.

    Samantha is a sophomore in Media.

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