Why you should go to the Homecoming football game


Jonathan Bonaguro

The Illini bench during the Illinois game versus Michigan on Saturday. By going to the Homecoming game, you can ensure you make lifetime memories before leaving the University.

By Samantha Roberson, Social Media Director

By Sam Roberson

Social Media Director

Football games at the University aren’t exactly a weekend activity  students are dying to watch. Tickets never sell out, and students rarely tailgate. But Homecoming is a different day entirely.

For many students, Homecoming is the only time their love ones come to visit besides Moms and Dads weekends. While getting a good meal is usually at the top of students’ to do lists with their families, the Homecoming football game is an annual occurrence. Here are just some of the reasons why the game should be at the top of your list of things to do during Homecoming week:

1. Homecoming weekend brings in thousands of alumni, many who remember going to Saturday football games every weekend during their time here. The energy is high, and it’s not something you want to miss.

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2. Every student’s Instagram feed is full of photos of their friends from other schools at their team’s games. This is your opportunity to get dressed in your best Illini gear, and show your followers Illinois football has still got it.

3. Every student is either tired of the dining halls, tired of cooking or tired of spending money on food. The Homecoming game tailgate is your opportunity to eat good, free food with your friends and family.

4. If your parent is an alumnus of the University, it’s cool to bring them so they can see how the University has changed. If your parent isn’t an alumnus, take them to show how much more fun Illinois is compared to their alma mater.

5. As we all know, college is very different from high school, and it’s a rarity that the University sponsors an event, so get out there in the stands and show off your school spirit!

6. Homecoming takes place just around the middle of the semester, and it’s one of the last times you’ll be able to comfortably be able to enjoy being outside before Illinois weather drops to the negatives.

7. If you’re a freshman, attending your first Homecoming game will make you so much more inclined to go all four years, and then you’ll have tons of memories to look back on!

8. We all know how stressful the semester becomes in November, this is one of the last opportunities to have fun with all of your friends and family before we all enter #DeadWeek.

9. If you’re a new member of a sorority or fraternity, Homecoming is a great time to bond with your new sisters or brothers and meet their families. It’s an event that brings out all pledge classes and it’s excellent to be able to spend time with everyone. 

10. #BeatWisconsin 

11. Lastly, go to the Homecoming game because there will come a time when you won’t be able to. College is only four short years, and you don’t want to look back and wish you had done something when you no longer can. These are the memories you’ll rave about to your children at their college homecomings.

Samantha is a sophomore in Media. 

[email protected]