Simplify your hunt for next year’s roommate


Brigida Dockus

A dorm room in FAR is pictured on Sunday. Hunting for a roommate can be a source of stress.

By Ava Traverso, Special Sections Editor

Though the largest stress on the surface for apartment-hunting is finding the physical apartment, an underlying concern that is just as important is the roommate hunt. Even if you find the perfect place, incompatibility with your housemates can make the year a nightmare. Not having an idea of who you plan to live with can stop the apartment hunt in its tracks. Here are some quick tips to help simplify the roommate hunt, as well as to help determine if your potential options could be right for you.

Keep an eye out in your classes

While looking on Facebook for potential roommates can seem daunting, the answer can lie right in front of your nose. Try making connections with people you share classes with and see if the roommate connection could be there. I found my roommates through my chemistry class when we were studying together, and it came up that none of us had living plans for the next year. As you can infer, the rest was history. More often than not, a plan for next year comes up when you least expect it. Also, making friends in your classes can only benefit you.

Vet your potential roommates

To avoid jumping the gun and causing yourself a world of hurt later, try to have a test-run with your roommates. Make sure to spend time with them in different settings so you get a better sense of what their behavior is like outside of class or work. Make sure you get a sense of their habits and values. Do they party, and will they be doing this at the apartment? How late do they stay out? Are they dating someone, and will this person be around a lot? Getting a sense of these habits and setting ground rules can help keep the peace in your new home.

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Make sure to keep your options open

Contrary to popular culture’s expectation, you do not have to be best friends with your roommates. In fact, being acquaintances or distant friends might even be more beneficial. This could lead to a more respectful home, because you two are not close enough to have gotten past the personal boundaries of friendship yet. If you are not considering living with someone because you aren’t attached at the hip, revisit the option. You could find a great living-mate and someone you could become closer with while living together. It also could open more options and lower stress levels when it comes to the search.

While these tips are just a drop in the bucket of things you should consider for living arrangements, it does not hurt to give these steps some thought. Above all, make sure to go into your roommate hunt with a good attitude and an open mind, and things will work out in a positive way.

Ava is a junior in ACES.

[email protected]