Graduates leave campus behind: Oh, the places you’ll miss!


Photo courtesy of Joyce Seay-Knoblauch

Aerial of The University of Illinois’ Main Quadrangle.

By Haley Bickelhaupt, Staff Writer

With midterms over and exams quickly approaching, many seniors are being hit with the realization that the school year is almost over. A wide and unique establishment, The University of Illinois is home to many iconic places. After graduation, seniors will leave behind this campus and all its wonders — especially the following five places.

The Main Quad 

Usually lively with students rushing to and from class, the Main Quad is a focal point for many students on campus.  Here, events such as Quad Day and Spring Jam are held annually. Set as the crossroad of the university, people of all backgrounds and interests come face to face each day in this area. A place to learn, discover and create fun memories, the Quad is one of the first spots new students come to visit. It is bound to leave students with a lasting impression that impacts their next four years.   

Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center 

Even if you don’t consider yourself much of an avid sports fan, you are well aware that sporting events are a big part of social life on campus. Proud of how the Fighting Illini performed this year in football and basketball, many seniors will reminisce some of their favorite nights — nights decked out in all orange and blue. Most seniors will undoubtedly miss cheering on the Fighting Illini at various events, as well as the iconic orange lights shining brightly as a beacon of school spirit from both Memorial Stadium and the State Farm Center 

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Sorority or Fraternity 

If you had the opportunity to be involved in Greek Life on campus, one place you will more than likely miss after graduating from college is your sorority or fraternity house. No matter how many times you lived inside your house, the walls will hold many memories of exciting times with your sisters or brothers.

From late nights studying, philanthropy events and getting ready for nights out on the town, your house and the people within it hold some of the best college memories. Not only will you miss your beautiful home away from home, but also the strong friendships that grew into families. 

Kams, Lion and every place in between

One hard truth for many seniors to swallow when graduating is the fact that social life after college will not be the same. No longer will Monday nights be reserved for blue guys at KAM’s, or Fridays be spent out with the girls or guys. Now, time will be spent working at a new job, networking and living the “adult life.” This is a sobering thought — but rest easy. You can always come back to visit these places as alumni! 

The hole in the wall 

Everyone has that one place. Maybe it’s a coffee shop, a Mexican restaurant or your favorite retail store. Whatever this place may be, it is home to many memories completely unique to your time in college. Whether your favorite place included late nights or breakfast dates spent with friends, these times will now be pleasant memories moving on to your next stage in life. This place will always hold a certain nostalgia — a nostalgia that only you understand.

As the semester begins to draw to a close, take a moment to reflect back on your time spent at the University of IllinoisAs you reflect on all of your memories — whether they be good or bad — smile, and think of how great it is to have so many places you’ll miss  

Haley is a freshman in ACES.

[email protected]