Staying in touch with home friends

By Kelly Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

Even if you’ve literally been best friends since you were in diapers, when you get to college you will really need to work at keeping in touch with your home friends to make those friendships last.

Don’t panic. College doesn’t have to signify the end of your home friendships. I won’t lie to you: There will be some friends you had before college that were wonderful great people, but as the years go on, the texts will get less frequent and you’ll find yourself Instagram-stalking their new boyfriend. However, there are friendships meant to last forever even being miles away, but all friendships could use a little help. Here are some tips for staying in touch no matter how far you are away from your home friends.

Keep the group chat active

Even if it’s just to send a funny meme or tell your home friends you just aced a tough calculus quiz, it’ll help keep your friendships going. I especially recommend sending updates about your lives every few weeks just to keep up! You’re all at school joining different clubs, taking different classes and making different memories, so make sure to ask about what your friends are doing and what’s new in their life!

Be understanding

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    Try not to flip out on your best friend if you haven’t heard from her in a day or two. Of course, check in with them to make sure everything with them is OK, but understand college gets crazy busy. Just because they can’t talk to you right then doesn’t mean they don’t miss and love you.

    Make fun plans over break

    Make the most of it when you and all your home friends are back during the different breaks. While it’s fun to relax and watch T.V. with them, make sure to also plan something fun together to make new memories. Try an escape room, or go somewhere for a nice dinner. That way, you guys will have something fun to look forward to when break does come.

    Send your home friends something

    If you’re balling on a budget like most college students, I would suggest sending some cute animal or funny postcards to your friends. Everyone loves getting mail, and when they get a surprise from you, it’ll mean a lot to them. If you have a little more cash at your disposal, you can even look into sending them pre-made care packages for them. No matter your budget though, your friends will really appreciate you thinking about them, and it will help your friendships stay strong.

    All in all you might not talk to your home friends every single day, but that doesn’t mean anything has to change between your friendships just because you aren’t at the same school anymore. If anything, you might find your friendships with your home friends will become even stronger. You’re no longer friends just because you see each other everyday in high school, but your choosing your friendships despite the distance.

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