Don’t be afraid to ask for help

By Samantha Boyle, News Editor

Whether it’s for getting help on an assignment, asking where a classroom is or seeking help to get through a difficult time from the Counseling Center, it’s important to know what resources you have and to know it is normal to need some assistance while going through major life changes.

Personally, I am someone who will do anything I can to not ask for help. I value my independence and often view myself as weak if I reach out for help, but here’s the catch. When someone comes to me for advice or help, I don’t view them as weak at all and do everything I can to help that person. Asking for help doesn’t diminish my independence, and it won’t diminish yours either.

Coming to college is hard. I don’t think anyone will sit you down and tell you how easy life is or was in college. Sure, college may be more appealing to those who think they’re now just stuck at a nine-to-five, but you’ll still face difficult situations with classes, homework, your social life and probably many other things. It’s important to keep in mind the resources available to you when you encounter these situations. Lots of resources are and can be provided by the University (aka it’s in your tuition) and other resources you can get just by being a person (aka for free).

First and foremost, call your parents. At this point, my mom gets suspicious if I call her or she calls me and I tell her everything is fine. Chances are there’s always something bothering me, even if it’s the dumbest, smallest thing in the world, like someone keeping eye contact with me for too long when walking down the street. Your mom or other parent will want to hear about how you’re doing and help you through whatever it is you’re going through, big or small.

The Counseling Center is also available for you to utilize. Around 30 counselors are available and have been hired and trained to listen and help you through difficult situations. College may be the first time you seek assistance for your mental health and maybe do not know where to go or how to help yourself through it. The beauty of the Counseling Center is there are many resources there that won’t make you feel alone, and they are specifically there for you.

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    Something your parents and the Counseling Center may not be able to help you through, though, is academics. There will come a time when a class workload starts to become too much or the content of a course starts to get really confusing. (And if this doesn’t end up happening to you, please tell me what classes and major you’re in because I would love to switch into that.) This is where the easiest solution comes in: Ask your professors, teaching assistants or tutors. All of your professors will have office hours where they will do nothing but wait for students to come in with questions. Take advantage of this; teaching or helping you is your professors’ jobs.

    There’s no doubt you’ll face some difficulties in college. If you don’t, then I should be taking advice from you, but when it comes down to it, just always keep this in mind: It’s OK to ask for help every once in a while.

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