How to find the best internships

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How to find the best internships

Mariel Elopre

Mariel Elopre

Mariel Elopre

By Julie Kang, Staff Writer

Choosing an internship or finding one that is the right fit for you might seem relatively simple, but it can be a struggle as many factors are involved in selecting the best one for you: date, location, salary and even relevance to your major. 

Even though the Internet seems to have all the answers, the reliability and legitimacy of some websites are questionable. Here are some tips and websites to help you find quality internships. 

Attend career fairs

The University holds events that allow students to find jobs on and off campus, whether it be an internship for the summer or whole year or simply a part-time job around campus. Because these fairs are sponsored and held by the school, they are more reliable than searching for jobs on a random website.

The large number of students that attend these fairs might make it difficult to stand out. Try to be noticeable by asking relevant questions about the company and talking about why you are interested. Make sure to research each of the companies before speaking to them so that you are informed about what they do. Demonstrating interest is the best way to get an internship, so learn about the companies that you genuinely want to work for.

Use Handshake

Handshake is the main job-searching website at the University.  You can set up your profile by attaching a resume and adding information about your education, work experience and extracurriculars. The website matches internships with your profile, such as providing choices that are near your location or that correlate with your major.

Handshake works with people who work at the Career Center tp help you build your resume. If your resume gets rejected, you are given a copy of your resume with marked corrections and suggestions on it. This will give you the opportunity to improve your profile and be more presentable to companies.

Ask people you know

People you know — professors, TAs, advisors, relatives, family members — may be searching for summer interns. Asking some one that you know directly is a trustworthy way to find internships.

Networking plays a major role in the job search, as having lots of social connections can help you in the long run. Take this opportunity to ask people about any job openings, even if you may not be very close with them. This will not only broaden your opportunities, but will also allow you to become acquainted with other people your field.

Look into verified, big-name companies

Start your search with larger organizations. Oftentimes, they provide a greater number of internship opportunities for a wider variety of people. This is beneficial for college students because many smaller companies with fewer opportunities may not be willing to hire young people with less experience.

Businesses such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. regularly offer job and internship programs all over the world for all types of people ranging from high school students to graduate students and even experienced professionals. Amazon, Apple, Fox and Jellyvision also have programs that hire students and graduates that vary in competitiveness. Having well-known organizations like these on your resume can help you stand out. 

Check the internet

Searching “Top 10 Internship Websites” or “Best Internship Sites” on the internet may not be the worst idea, as these websites do have companies who are looking for hardworking students.

Be careful and consider every factor when using sites like these, however, because some websites may be getting paid to promote the companies on these lists. Make sure to research all of the websites you use for validity. Taking the right research steps can help you find the perfect internship for a productive summer. Happy searching!

Julie is a freshman in Media.

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