Nail your Zoom interview with these pro tips


Photo Courtesy of Mike Cardew, Akron Beacon Journal

David Hamilton of Akron, Ohio listens during a Zoom meeting on Jan. 13. It is a good idea to research a company before you interview with them.

By Allison Connelly, Staff Writer

With summertime rapidly approaching, this is a great time to start thinking about possible summer internships and job positions. However, these applications coincide with the dreadful interview process. Interviews in their very nature can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you are not adequately prepared. On the other hand, there is one upside to this world being turned upside-down within the past year: Interviews are being held online. Zoom interviews hold many benefits, a major one being that you can answer daunting questions from your (possible) future employer from the comfort of your own living room. Here are some tips and tricks to nail your online interview:

Dress appropriately

One of the most important aspects of any interview is to present yourself in the best way possible. Therefore, make sure you are wearing a button-up and tie or a nice blouse. Making sure you do not have bed-head is also a plus. On the bright side, you can wear sweatpants on the bottom and the interviewer will never know!

Read over the employer’s website/job description

During the interview, expect the company to ask you questions such as “Why do you think you’re a good fit for Company A?” and “Tell us a little about why you are interested in our company.” Therefore, it’s a good idea to look over the description for the job you are applying for, as well as the company’s website. Doing this can also help you better understand how the company operates, as well as highlight any questions you may have. 

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    Have notes prepared in another tab

    One of the many upsides to interviewing online is that you have access to your computer during the interview. That being said, you can prepare notes and important information about yourself that you want to tell the interviewer in another tab to make sure you do not forget them! This tactic can help with things such as dates in which you held other positions, exact titles of positions, etc. You can also prepare notes for potential questions that the employer may ask. One way to properly prepare for these questions is to gather your responses for common questions that might be asked. You should also prepare yourself for specific questions by doing a bit of research with a simple Google search.

    Speak confidently and clearly 

    Lastly, it is essential that during any interview process that you present yourself confidently. You are trying to sell yourself at this time, and no one is going to believe that you are a good fit for a company if you do not believe in yourself first. You will need to speak confidently and clearly in order for the company to not just understand you but to also see that you are serious and sure about your abilities. 

    Allison Connelly is a senior in LAS.

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