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A student works at a station in the PAR Computer Lab on April 28. Keeping your workplace organized is key in being productive.

By Noah Davis, Staff Writer

With the current historical circumstance, many 2021 graduates will start their jobs working remotely from home. As a result, making improvements to your work space is essential to improve comfort and overall pleasantness during work. Of course, the kind of equipment every individual needs for their workspace ultimately depends on the particular machinations of their job. Now more than ever, your office is your brand-new dwelling for the time being. Fortunately, there are ways to make working from home marginally more bearable. 

Ultraviolet light therapy lamps

Working at home has resulted in spending an inordinate amount of time indoors, leaving many to grapple with negative effects, especially regarding mental health.  Interestingly enough, there are ultraviolet, or UV, light therapy lamps to help those who live in areas where sunlight is severely limited. UV light therapy lamps can prevent vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder, or SAD—a fitting acronym for seasonal depression. 

Keep your workplace organized

Organization is essential to working directly from home, especially when you’re in your office 24/7. To help keep your desk and work space clean, I would suggest going full Marie Kondo on cord organization. Things get tangled, which is an intrusive, irritating nuisance, so grab yourself an EVEO cable management sleeve to keep all those pesky wires out of your line of sight. 

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Invest in a good monitor

To give yourself more screen space to view multiple tabs and reference several programs simultaneously, I highly recommend investing in an external monitor that connects to your laptop. You can choose to either rely on the monitor alone, turning your laptop into a desktop, or give yourself the setup of a wannabe Robinhood trader and use both. Purchase a fairly priced high-quality 24-inch HP monitor on Amazon if you feel it might boost your productivity. You won’t regret the upgrade.

Keep your health in check

According to an article from Penn Medicine, there are a few ways to modify your work space for comfort that combats back pain associated with being sedentary all day. First, set up your screen so the top of it is at eye level, precluding the need to continue looking up and down. This goes a long way in preventing slouching and straining your neck and shoulders throughout the day. Then, to help with posture, adjust your keyboard to a height where your elbows are bent at 90 degrees to prevent your shoulders from slumping. 

Noah is a senior in Business.

[email protected]