Use these websites to find internships in a worldwide pandemic

By Meghan Lyons, Special Sections Editor

For a lot of us, this summer is a second chance to get back on our feet career-wise. With the pandemic unexpectedly canceling many internships (including mine), a lot of us have fallen behind. Luckily, vaccines are being distributed and things are starting to look up, somewhat. In the meantime, most internships are likely to be online. You might be asking yourself, how can I find internships? There are a lot of websites to use, but here are some to continue your job search.


If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, it is highly recommended that you have one. The best thing about LinkedIn is the ability to network and view potential employers. Additionally, you can search for a wide variety of jobs, most that you would not be able to find on other platforms. Adjusting the search settings to filter out internships that do not meet your criteria is especially helpful in finding jobs you would be interested in. Finally, carving out your profile is the equivalent to filling out a resume. You can turn your profile data into a resume. Most internships will even allow you to simply apply with your profile.


Glassdoor is great for determining whether a company is suitable for you or not. Glassdoor allows users to post reviews about their employees, as well as insights into the hiring and interviewing processes. It is especially helpful to prevent yourself from interviewing for a company that does not align with your wants and values. You can easily find jobs and internships with some quick searching.

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    Provided by the University, Handshake is a great resource for finding jobs, especially ones that are local. Students are able to create a profile that auto-fills with their student information. Hiring managers of different companies come to Handshake to recruit potential applicants for positions. Often times, you will find your mailbox flooded with invitations to career events and job opportunities. Similar to LinkedIn, Handshake is fairly simple to use and you can easily filter out internships that do not match your major or field of interests. Be sure to double-check the dates of some of the job listings, though, as often some are expired or already filled.


    More suitable for full-time jobs, Indeed is an online job board with endless pages of jobs to skim through. The application process is uncomplicated, and you can save your resume. If you are impatient with applications and want to mass apply to jobs, users have the ability to quick-apply to some jobs. However, this is not the case for all jobs, but you can find quite a few easy apply opportunities.

    Meghan is a junior in LAS.

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