Illinois students take time to recognize their motivating dads


By Kaolin Sewell, Contributing Writer

As December creeps closer, ‘tis the season to give thanks and appreciate loved ones — especially our dads. In the midst of midterms and busy schedules, it can be hard to find time to recognize family. However, this coming Dads Weekend is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a little time off with your dad.

As students, we reap the benefits of our family’s diligent preparation and planning for our futures. So, it is our turn to say thanks. The following are a few reasons why Illinois students are grateful for their dads.

Cory Moy,  senior in Engineering, has made many memories with his father on campus. “My dad has influenced me in college by supporting my career choice. He’s very understanding of the struggle of succeeding in a tough program,” Moy said.

From his past experiences with Dads Weekend, Moy has enjoyed his dad’s company during fall football games in Memorial Stadium, cheering on the Illini alongside him.

Alia Sarah Asri, senior in LAS, recollects her father’s moving childhood. In a family of seven, her father was the first-born son. Her father has been an inspiration on many levels and continues to be one during her last year on campus.

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“He’s the only one who really prioritized academics,” Asri said. “Although he is awkward at times and not so good with words, he really means well and has good intentions.”

Hassan Rahim Kamil,  junior in LAS, explains how his father has given him some great advice to follow throughout college and in life, as he was unsure about picking a major at the start of his college career. “The thrill of having the ‘eureka’ moment is ephemeral,” Kamil said.

He is also glad that his dad has inspired him to keep changing and growing as a person.

“My dad is a great man; he has encouraged me to keep an inquisitive mind and to be humble. I’ve been advised to continuously educate myself, which helps for an economics and statistics student like me,” Kamil said.

For some, it’s the little moments that mean the most.

“My dad and I play board games like chess and cribbage,” said Sarah Love, sophomore in LAS.

Love plans to celebrate her second Dads Weekend a bit off campus with a new tradition: a fishing trip. “We are going to go to Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, Illinois,” Love said.

Even though not all dads can make the drive or flight to campus, there are memories to be made this weekend.

Sejal Patel,  senior in AHS, said that although his father isn’t attending Dads Weekend, he sends his best wishes. “He has told me to continually do the best that I can do in college,” Patel said.

Patel’s father didn’t have much education growing up, and he worked hard to give him and his siblings a good education. “This is motivation for me to be the best student I can be, to achieve my goal and dream of becoming a dentist,” Patel said.

So this season, let your dad know just how much he means to you. This acknowledgment can be as simple as a quick phone call home or a handwritten letter addressed to your dad. Whether you plan to spend Dads Weekend on campus or visit home, take time this weekend to cherish your loved ones.

Kaolin Sewell is a graduate student in Media.

[email protected]