You should visit your family at home more often

By Yifan Gu, Staff Writer

As we grow up, we get used to leaving home: from several blocks in childhood to another city in youth and around the world for college. To some people, distance from home is a measurement of success. However, you always need to visit home. Without family, life just would not be the same. Step back and think about them because they are a part of your life.

Dads Weekend is a great time to see your family, but oftentimes it is not enough. If it has been a long time since you last went home, here are several reasons that should motivate you to start the journey back as soon as possible.

Home is where you get to talk

Family members are the people who know you best, making it easier to share your daily burdens with them. Your parents also know your weaknesses and strengths, and can offer you personalized suggestions. Regularly talking with family members can be an effective way to draw your family together, as your parents will feel they are needed if you go to them with your problems and joys.

As college students, we can feel separated from our former lives. Going back home from time to time can rebuild that sense of family.  Your parents will feel they are still important in your life, and the emotional distance will be diminished. Family links are important and act as a safe harbor as you make your way in the world.

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Home won’t always be around

People always regret not spending time with their parents when they become ill or pass away, so it’s important to make time for family members while they are healthy and alive. It’s all too easy to forget our parents when we are so busy making our own lives, but while most college students have plenty of time, it is more limited for our parents.

After years of demanding work to raise us, most of our parents are no longer as vigorous and spirited, and life becomes burdensome for them. We, as the children they raised in their best years, should at least visit or call from time to time to check in. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Home has special memories

We all had dreams in our childhood years, and whether we have already achieved those dreams or are on the way to achieving them, they all started in our homes. Those first boxing gloves, the first rocket model and the first toe shoes all remain in our old bedrooms. If we feel tired and stressed, going back to see those inspirational items can bring joy and hope. Visiting your old bedroom is a reminder of the kind of person you planned to be. Reminding yourself of those dreams will make your day.

Home cooking is best 

“No one can bake chicken better than my mom” is a common phrase. No matter where I go, I always keep this in mind. I have tried dozens of kinds of chicken from dozens of restaurants in different parts of the world, but none of them were as good my mom’s recipe. Go back home and enjoy your mom’s cooking. It is truly the best food in the world.

Yifan is a sophomore in LAS.

[email protected]