Valentine’s Day can be independence day for singles

By Brooks Berish, Assistant supplements editor

Who said celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person has to be depressing? These days, Valentine’s Day has almost become more associated with lonely singles than people in actual relationships. This is perhaps because people in relationships feel pity for single people on Valentine’s Day, the day of love. However, it should be the other way around for so many reasons. That’s not to say that being in a relationship is bad at all. It’s just that there are so many more opportunities for single people on Valentine’s Day, whereas people in relationships have fewer options.

Think of Valentines Day as another New Year’s. If you are single and unrestrained by the demands of a relationship, then get out there and have some fun. This is by no means a day you should spend alone. Single people should band together and enjoy themselves. After all, this happens to be one of the best opportunities to meet other singles and to perhaps start a new relationship.

This year, Valentines Day lands on a Tuesday, which is already a big day for going out on the University campus. You are more likely to find singles at the bars than couples. Many couples will be having dinner followed by a nice night watching Netflix. The rest of the ambitious singles will be hitting up the bars, enjoying their single lives. This night will be made even more fun because most of the singles are out for the same reason: to celebrate their single status or to find their soul mate at The Red Lion.

If bars are not your thing, or you’re perhaps not even looking to meet other singles on Valentine’s Day, that’s fine too. Valentine’s Day can be like New Year’s in other ways besides just celebration. Imagine how much less time you would have to spare if you were in a relationship and use this knowledge to motivate yourself to take full advantage of the day. Go explore the campus, see a movie with some friends, start working out again or go out to dinner with friends and laugh excessively in front of all the couples.

If you were in a relationship, your wallet would also probably be running dryer than usual. So to reward your single self, go spend some cash and buy yourself something nice because you don’t need a relationship as much as you need a new microwave.

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You are also completely entitled to stay in your room, listen to melancholy tunes and re-watch old sitcoms, but you would be giving into the social stigma built up by society that Valentine’s Day is a day to be loathed and brooded about by singles. Not to get technical about it, but Valentine’s Day started out as a capitalist construct designed to sell more Hallmark cards. Way back in the fifth century, the pope somehow even used it as an excuse to expel pagan rituals. What I’m trying to say is don’t take it so seriously. Valentine’s Day is significant, but ultimately it is up to you as to how you interpret this international day of love.