Where do the candidates stand on political issues?

By Bella Keys, Staff Writer

The election is rapidly approaching with President Donald Trump facing former Vice President Joe Biden. You probably have heard lots of things about both of them, but what about the big picture? It has been difficult to pinpoint the facts on both candidates, as we currently live in a time full of misinformation. 

On the topic of masks, Trump has expressed his disdain for them, claiming several times he believes masks are unimportant. But at the same time, he changes his stance. At one point, Trump even said, “The mask, perhaps, helps.” Perhaps, as though there is not a 100% chance and plenty of science backing the fact that wearing a mask seriously decreases the chance of spreading germs. Not only this, but he has made many other inaccurate statements, including about ballots. Aside from the negatives, there are some positive things Trump has done, such as helping the workforce. According to the Washington Post, Trump did manage to decrease the unemployment rate to an all-time low. So there are some positives to keeping him in the White House.

On the other hand, there’s Biden, the Democratic Party leader, and he offers his own benefits and costs. According to his website, Biden believes in building on the Affordable Care Act by “giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs and making our health care system less complex to navigate.” As well as this, Biden is pro-choice and would like to make birth control more accessible to women, according to the Planned Parenthood website.  He also has multiple ideas for tackling climate change. Of course, there are some drawbacks such as the fact that Biden has had some troubles in his past. According to an article from the New York Times, Biden “opposed busing in the 1970s,” which pertains to segregation. But he ultimately voted in favor of busing and desegregation as it was the right thing to do and since then has stayed away from scandals.

So, there is an important decision in front of you, the voter. You must decide who to vote for and why you like them. Every vote counts, and if you don’t like either candidate, you should choose the lesser evil. Both Trump and Biden have very loyal supporters, and even if Trump’s supporters don’t seem as readily apparent as Biden’s, they still exist. They may be silent, but they are deadly. Therefore, in this election year, your vote counts. Your vote will be counted, and even if it is unlikely, there are elections where it — has come down to a minimal amount of votes meaning yours could really make a difference. So, this year, please get out there and vote. It takes five seconds, and it could be the difference between one candidate getting elected over the other. Go vote. I believe in you; go be a part of history!

Bella is a junior in LAS.

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