Where to vote on campus

By Faith Allendorf, Managing Editor For Reporting

Next Tuesday marks an important date when millions American citizens will head to the polls to vote in the midterm elections. 

For students who live on campus, there are various polling locations to go to. Of course, you have to be a registered voter in Champaign County, and your polling location will depend on the location of your provided permanent address.

To find the location of your polling place, check out the State Board of Elections website. 

Here is where all of this year’s on-campus polling places are located. All spots will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8. 

The ARC 

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    Located at 201 E. Peabody Dr. in Champaign, the ARC will serve as the west-most polling place on campus. The front entrance is on Peabody Dr. facing the dorms. If you are not familiar with the location of the ARC, it is close to Ikenberry Commons.

    Siebel Center for Design

    One of the University’s newest buildings will be a polling place this year. The Center is located at 1208 S. Fourth St. in Champaign, with entrances on both Fourth Street and Sixth Street. The Center is across the street from Flagg Hall and is a neighbor to the Art and Design building.

    Illini Hillel

    Illini Hillel, the center for Jewish life on campus, is located at 503 E. John St. in Champaign near the Illini Union and close to Green Street. 

    Illini Union

    The Illini Union is typically the center for student life on campus, but next Tuesday, the Union will serve as a universal voting place for all Champaign-Urbana residents. The Union is located at 1401 W. Green St. and has several entrances.


    ISR will be one of two polling spots inside of dorm halls on Tuesday. ISR is on the east side of campus and is near the Illini Union. ISR is located at 1010 W. Illinois St. in Urbana.


    Although this dorm hall is far on the South Side of campus, FAR will be another polling place in Urbana. FAR’s address is 1001 W. College Ct. in Urbana, and it is near McKinley Health Center and the Arboretum. 

    The outcome of many lingering political issues will lay in the point of a voter’s pencil, and it is important for citizens, including students, to use their given right to make their voices heard. 

    After all, there is no taxation without representation, right?


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