How to dress for graduation


By Harrison Lindholm, Special Sections Writer

Style trends come and go with the wind. Remember Heelys? How about bleached highlights? These dark times in fashion were not recognized for what they were during their time. Only in retrospect can we see the folly of some of the most bizarre trends.

Imagine seeing a student walk up on stage this year with bleached bangs to retrieve their diploma.

Graduation, along with weddings, is one of the few events in life where it’s guaranteed many photos will be taken. You want to look your best on these days because these small snapshots are how you are going to be remembered by the generations to come.

When dressing for graduation, either as a visitor or as the actual grad, it is important you wear clothes that transcend the fashion trends of the time we live in.

For instance, do not wear Uggs. 

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Put on a nice pair of dress shoes, a nice dress shirt and normal khakis. Or perhaps, if you’re a girl, just go with a simple sundress and heels.

This outfit has been a staple in American fashion for almost 100 years and does not seem to be going anywhere soon.

Taking photos is a long-lasting tradition for grads of all schools. Photos from my high school graduation are found throughout my home, and many of those snapshots have been sent to family members and close friends.

When you are taking pictures, try to pose in front of places on campus that mean a lot to you. This could be the popular sites like Alma Mater, but it could also be much more personal.

You can take a picture in your cap and gown while seated in the same chair you spent weeks studying in at the Undergraduate Library, or take a picture at your freshmen dorm.

I will probably take a picture in my favorite booth at Merry Ann’s with a cup of coffee.

Whatever the case, you must look your best for this special occasion. Ask others what they will be wearing, and look at photos from past graduations to see what others wore. It will be a long day — commencement can take a while — so in addition to looking fly, you should try to find clothes that maximize your comfort.

Enjoy yourself on your graduation even if you can’t find the perfect outfit. This will only happen once in your life.

You have accomplished something great by finally getting your degree. Sit back and reflect on your time and your legacy at the University.

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