Top seven places to take graduation pictures

By Nora Halleran, Special Sections Writer

For graduation you’ll want to have to best photos of yourself in your cap and gown. You are finally celebrating four long years of earning your degree, and your parents will surely want to take plenty of photos to commemorate the occasion. You’ll want a variety of different backgrounds in prime locations on campus to get the best photos possible. Planning ahead on which places to visit will guarantee your graduation photos will be better.

1. Alma Mater

You can’t take graduation photos without getting one in front of Alma Mater. This classic Illini photo op is one that you must take advantage of while sporting your graduation cap and gown. This will definitely be the picture that you will frame and hang right next to your diploma.

The Daily Illini File Photo
University’s Alma Mater is a bronze sculpture depicting a motherly figure in academic robes in front of two figures symbolizing learning and labor.

2. The University of Illinois entrance

At the entrance of the University in Urbana there is a short wall that has the ‘University of Illinois Founded 1867’ engraved on it. This is close to where interested students start their tours. You may even have a photo here from years ago if you visited and took a tour; this could make for an adorable ‘then and now’ collage. Take a few pictures with your friends and maybe even lay across the sign.

Elisabeth Neely
University of Illinois Entrance is a popular spot for seniors to take pictures of their departure from the University.

3. Foellinger Auditorium

Take a picture throwing your graduation cap in the air in front of the University’s Foellinger Auditorium. It provides a very collegiate background of a classic building where you may have taken many different midterms and finals. The fact that you are earning your degree shows that you triumphed over those difficult tests and came out on top. When you look back at the photos, it will always remind you of your college glory days.

Emma Li
Foellinger Auditorium was created in 1907 and stands as features one of the University’s largest lecture halls.

4.  In front of your sorority/fraternity house

If you are involved in Greek life, an important picture to take is one with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers in front of your house. You may have moved out of the house a while ago, but it’s still important to remember your time spent there. If you are not involved in the Greek community, make sure to take a picture with your roommates wherever you do live!

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The Daily Illini File Photo
Alpha Chi Rho is a fraternity located in Champaign with several graduating seniors.

5. McFarland Memorial Bell Tower

The bell tower on the South Quad is a unique spot to take photos. The area underneath the bells is the perfect place for a senior photo. You could either go for the great landscape of the South Quad or for a more professional looking photo in front of the brick wall.

Sabrina Yan
McFarland Memorial Bell Tower on the South Quad is plays pre-programmed songs and is a fantastic place to take photos.

6. Boneyard Creek

Whether or not you’ve spent any time during your four years here on campus on the Engineering Quad, it is a great spot to take pictures. The background captures a quaint creek and some of the University’s most beautiful buildings.

The Daily Illini
Boneyard Creek is located on the North Quad by Grainger Library and is a lovely place to for some nature-oriented photos.

7. Japan House gardens

These beautiful gardens will be a great location to snap some pictures. The colorful flowers will make the background of your picture pop. There is a pavilion where you can take great group pictures and the lighting there is amazing.

Photo Courtesy of Japan House
Cherry blossom tree in Japanese Garden serves as beautiful backgrounds for graduation pictures.

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