Creative ideas for your Christmas celebrations

By Jessica Xu, Staff Writer

Starbucks is breaking out its red sweater cups and we all know what that means: The holiday season is in full swing. It’s once again a time of gathering among friends and family, celebrating time-honored traditions and creating long-lasting memories.

To really make a night to remember, here are some ideas to decorate your upcoming Christmas parties.

Play with color themes

Perhaps the first thing to consider if you want to “wow” your guests is what mood you want to set. If you’d like to establish an intimate and chill vibe, a combination of green, blue and silver would help. Accent the house with blue and green stockings and ribbons, or decorate your Christmas tree with Tiffany Blue string lights and silver ornaments. Take it a step further by color-coordinating the sea of gifts beneath your tree.

If you’d prefer a lively setting, try to bring out all the colors of the rainbow. While red and orange brighten the house with their energetic hues, cool blue, purple and green neutralize their intense brilliance. Create mini trees and wreaths out of colorful, round ornaments. Alternating the warm and cool colors will add a special sparkle to the holiday season.

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By breaking out of the red and green routine, you would certainly help create a completely new, refreshing atmosphere for your party.

DIY edible decorations

Making your own edible decor for Christmas together with family and friends will not only be an additional chance to enjoy quality time, but also a chance to get creative. Don’t settle for the local grocery store’s Christmas cookies this year.

Plus, there are hundreds of recipes for DIY desserts and treats online, so you don’t need to worry about spending lots of time learning or coming up with the steps on your own.

One of my personal favorites is a chocolate wreath. Chocolate manufacturers typically launch special Christmas editions during the holidays; you can assemble the colored candy into wreaths of any size, which can be perfect for hanging on the walls or on a door.

Or you can try a DIY dessert Christmas tree. You can simply purchase a mini tree and adorn it with mini donuts, cupcakes, candy canes or any of your favorite snacks. You can even make the tree entirely edible, though this requires more cooking skills. Such trees can be made out of layered cookies and pancakes, as well as an arrangement of a large number of single pastries, such as cupcakes or cinnamon rolls.

These DIY ideas will satisfy your sweet tooth and serve as cute decorations.

The ultimate ugly sweater party

Still have the zest for Halloween lingering around? Try throwing an ugly sweater or Christmas costume party. This is the perfect opportunity to host a fashion show of Christmas, with prizes for the partygoers with the ugliest attire.

There are plenty of ways to go beyond the sweater. You might simply put on an iconic and interactive top or you may want to become a real-life Christmas tree by sewing garland and pom-poms onto your green sweater, accompanied by a tree hat.

Other ways to make this party memorable include exchanging tacky gifts, decorating cookies, arranging a secret Santa gift exchange, crafting yummy, seasonal beverages or creating your own ornaments. Each of these ideas are fun for all ages and are perfect for a holiday party you’ll never forget.

Jessica is a freshman in DGS.

[email protected]